The ‘NEW’ Batman Movie Will Be Inspired From ‘Batman: Year One’ Comics

We’ve already heard the news about director Matt Reeves meeting Jake Gyllenhaal to offer him a role as Batman. Gyllehaal passed the offer and decided to move to Spider-Man but another rumour gives us one more name that Reeves met along with new details about the movie.

It has been revealed that Reeves also met Jack Huston for the role but then the Batman in Reeves’ script got younger and now Reeves is looking for someone who’s 25-30 years old. The inspiration for Reeves’ film will be take from the classic Batman: Year One comic.

In this issue, Batman is in his first year on the job of cleaning criminals off the streets of Gotham. He’s accompanied by the heroics of Lieutenant James Gordon as he also takes on the corrupt police along with Penguin. Jack Huston would not be playing the role but it is possible that he can portray Harvey Dent onscreen.

For now, this is just a rumor which we can believe if we want to, until we start hearing more reliable news. Let us know your views about the movie’s inspiration from “Batman: Year One” in the comments below.

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