The New Coca-Cola edition have lighting Starwars sabers

The year is about to end with StarWars more probably. With some very creative Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker bottles of coke, Coca-Cola is doing its part. In the new lit bottles, we can see Rey and Kylo holding their sabers and running. To the consumer’s surprise, the sabers light up really.

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Rey and Kylo in Star Wars. Pic courtesy: DMH Magazine

The attractive lightsabers on bottles

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OLED’s that glow on touch as lightsabers: The Rise of Skywalker.PIc courtesy: Gizmodo

It is because of the presence of an actual light-up element new for the product. As expected, the bottles are a limited edition. Available in Singapore, people can avail of the coke bottles in 5 locations of the city per day. The sabers are of OLEDs that lit up when touched. The effect is due to an electric circuit printed on the packaging. The company revealed this update through its Instagram platform, which is truly mesmerizing. The lights get activated when the consumer touch anywhere on the package of the bottle.
With this new attractive stuff, people are going to grab it to show off in Social media for sure. There are many instances where the soda giant tried to be creative with some limited editions previously. But it is the first time for the company to go to an extent to experiment with the OLEDs.
The company also mentioned that soon, more than 8000 bottles would be sold at different locations all around the world. A more interesting detail is that there will be two color-coded editions available. The models are coded by blue and red for Rey and Kylo Ren. Envy between the StarWars fans can be expected when these bottles start making rounds on social platforms. The costumers will probably begin to pressure the company to expand more after it’s a limited release, although the feat performed by the company is a bit hard to attain repeatedly.

A game to watch for the fans to win

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Coca-Cola promoting Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Pic courtesy: Pinterest

The company themed a game for the customers to acquire the bottles. Fans have to check the official campaign site and solve five riddles every day at 10 pm. By addressing the puzzle of the competition, fans get to know the secret 45 locations the bottles are to be sold.

Source: ComicBook

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