The new toy of Black Widow spoils the MCU connection

In the film industry, whenever the comic and marvel series released, then the corresponding toys also published by the big toy industry. This makes the children attracted to comic movies and even one of the tricks of the toy industry to buy the toys. Currently, the new toy of the Black widow was released. 

New toy of the Black widow:

The toymakers released many dolls for nearly all characters in Marvel avengers. But many toys spoiled the outfit of the character. Like the same, they also released the new toy of the Black widow, which ruined the MCU connection.

Feature of the new toy:

The Black widow film is going to release on May 1st, 2020. That means the movie is going to release within four months. So toymakers produced the Black widow toy, which spoiled the mindset of the fans. Natasha Romanoff, one of the toys, is dressed in black color and carrying a mysterious object which is in red. But the movie only will show the real thing that what she is holding. 

Alternative explanation:

By viewing these toys, the team gave a different description that it is an updated version of Super soldier serum, which was previously used by Steve Rogers. This unexpected explanation gave a question to fans ” Will serum is going to act a role in Widow film?” 

For all these theoretical questions, the solution will only be given on May 1st,2020. But overall, these toys ruined the expectations of the fans and also spoiled the MCU connections.

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