Heroes aren’t strangers to forming teams and insisting on team-ups to attack their enemies more effectively. Batman has been a member of a few teams over the years: from Justice League to Batman Incorporated. By teaming up with more skilled members, he employs groups to answer for his weaknesses. From these team-ups, he gets more time to be more efficient at what he does the best.

The most significant part is that he always surrounds himself with people he trusts and heroes that he knows will have his back if things go the other way round. After Justice League became a PR disaster, Batman created a Black Ops Team full of characters which are nothing short of being “dangerous”. Today we will countdown seven of the most dangerous members of The Outsiders.

7. Starfire

Star Fire is one of the most loved characters of the DC comics. She is teenagers fantasy and all credits go to the famous Teen Titans series. She is the strongest Titan of them all. Starfire is a royalty, who transcends the basic desires and needs of humanity on Earth. Not only does she have natural alien powers, but she also has the abilities that she absorbed during the evil experiments.

With the Titan series now soon to be streaming in the DC Universe, it is a major opportunity for her to take the limelight.

6. Cassandra Cain

Cassandra Cain, She’s the daughter of Lady Shiva and David Kane. So being a highly skilled hand to hand combat in just runs in the family. Not only did she receive training from her assassin parents, she also was trained by Black Canary, Bronze Tiger, the freaking League of Assassins, Batman, Oracle and Merlin, Just to name a few. Cassandra also has the unique ability to read the body movements of her opponents.

Giving her the ability to anticipate her opponent’s moves, before they even make them. This skill helped land her on a very short list of people, who have defeated Lady Shiva. But proving her skill set even further, she has been one of Batman’s Protege taking the mantle of Batgirl for a while, then later became Black Bat and more recently taking on the name Orphan. All in all, she’s easily one of the deadliest fighters in DC.

5. Green Arrow

Green Arrow has always been a tough, street-level heir for DC Comics who had no issues in getting his hands dirty when needed. He’s so tough that when his sidekick needed his help, he simply kicked him out on the streets to toughen him.

In short, Oliver Queen has always been a tough guy who is fun to watch. After returning from the island, he has grown into one of the toughest characters in the DC roster.

4. Tim Drake

Tim Drake has been often termed as the future Batman by many fans. It fits well because he’s a fantastic detective and this is a crucial trait of his character. He was able to deduce who Batman and Robin were all on his own which makes him a potential successor to Bruce.

He’s also very intuitive and is able to know easily when someone isn’t feeling like themselves and he can even figure out how to help them.

3. Martian Manhunter

Batman and Martian Manhunter bear a lot of similarities. While Manhunter is an alien from Mars and is detached from humans for that reason, Batman often finds himself detached too. Both share a passion for detective work and Manhunter spends his time as John Jones.

Martian Manhunter is almost as strong as Superman himself. Even Superman has noted in the past that Manhunter could be the only person who may take him down. In Injustice, Martian Manhunter went on against Superman in a fight and guess what, he didn’t even have to throw a single punch. Instead, he simply used his telepathic abilities to make Superman revive his tragic memories.

2. Catwoman

Well, Catwoman and Batman were about to get married at one point, so Batman trusting her does make a lot of sense. They have even fought each other and are absolutely deadly during combat together. Her skills as a cat-like burglar, with extreme agility, hand to hand skills, and use of weapons made her an ultimate hazard to their foes.

It’s always great to see them team up together or share a romantic moment and we hope that they always stick around each other.

1. Dick Grayson

Dick Grayson aka Robin aka Nightwing. It goes without saying being trained by Batman, will automatically make you one of the best fighters out there and over the course of time, Grayson became an expert in Boxing, Judo, Muay Thai, Ninjutsu, Capoeira, and the list goes on.

He’s also a master of a form of Bo Staff fighting called Bojutsu. Hence, his signature weapons being thus Crema Sticks. Having grown up in the circus, Dick is also an amazing Acrobat which helps him tremendously in combat, as he can move in ways, not many people on Earth can.

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