Photography would be a passion for some and just a profession for others. But when love blends with the magical spell of creativity, that’s when the real jaw-dropping result comes out. And this is what Guillaume Prugniel J has done.

Prugniel and His Passion

The Photographer plays with Lights and Places extraordinarily.
The Photographer plays with Lights and Places extraordinarily.

Guillaume Prugniel J is a French photographer who is currently based in Berlin. The photographer is known for his pictures which he shoots at night and creatively puts them in a light that could make everybody go, ‘Wow!’

The Beginning of Light Game

The Photographer knows how to impress everyone out there.
The Photographer knows how to impress everyone out there.

The journey began a few years ago, when Guillaume Prugniel J  was biking with a friend of his, during a summer afternoon. They found an abandoned factory over there and went inside. Little did they knew that the spot was the beginning of his love story with neglected and forgotten places!

Earlier, he used to photograph the places during day time, but eventually, ended up doing something different. An additional factor was his not being a morning person, so he started doing the job at night!

Gradually a passion in him for light and colours developed. In his images, he likes the human presence to be either lost in the whole composition or be fully engaged in the entire story. Mostly, he goes with friends, but if necessary, he becomes a character in the picture.

The spectacular images require extraordinary work and creativity. From a pure pocket light to numerous speedlights, is what he carries in his backpack and rest just happens to show up on the location.

Prugniel faced hurdles


The Photographer knows how to overcome every hurdle and achieve Perfection.
The Photographer knows how to overcome every hurdle and achieve Perfection.


Abandoned places echo a lot. Once his friend went 15m downstairs to model and set some lights. The repetition made vocal communication impossible so made a phone call and spoke softly.

Lighting Balance

A lot of light can cause issues in the places demanding you to be sneaky. For instance, they could be working in the night to avoid getting seen, but then, spotlights flashing could be intense.

Lurking Danger

Abandoned places can never be 100% safe, especially if they are unknown. It’s better to look during the day time. Working at night demands extra care and security! A reliable friend or companion is an excellent aid.

The Work

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Another photo of "Réfléchir"! This bunker is covered with pieces of mirrors. It is located on the beach of Leffrinckouque beside Dunkerque (yep, like the movie). The artiste "Anonyme" @anonyme_project did this transformation between 2014 and 2015. Copied from the website of the project: "At a time in human history where the man looked never so much and go lost in his own reflection, to the point of total closure, the mirror here reflects that which is abandoned: the nature we are in the process of destroying. " Passing not far, I couldn't resist to visit it and install some lights. Not so easy to play against time at the sunset, the sky got darker really fast. Some speelights got crazy and triggered randomly, I had to trigger manually and not rely on the camera too much. Thanks again to my friend #igerslille #igersdunkerque #visitdunkerque #dunkerqueplage #francetourism #frenchbeach #amazingshots_urbex #godsofbando #welcometwoneverland #global_urbex #urbexnord #urbexlille #nikonfr #urbexcommunity #abandonedmilitary #monnordenor #abandonedlocation #dunkerque #photographedunkerque #nordfrance #objectifopale #hautdefrancetourisme #lavoixdunord #chtitephoto #abandonedbunker #urbexbunker #urbexfrance #createyourlight #urbexfr #franceregards @lavoixdunord @visitdunkerque @france3nordpasdecalais @igerslille @20minuteslille

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Room with a view I have seen a photo I took seven years ago, one cold night just after the snow. I was bored and I wanted to see the park with this fresh white mood. I climbed the fences and I was the first to leave footprints, everything was so peaceful. I was photographing with my phone just to keep some memories. I was just getting started to explore my surroundings beyond the ways that one has to take everyday from work to home to supermarket to home to a party-etc. Today I more than ever want to explore everything around me, to get to know where I am living, and what is this place I am living in. And photography, as frustrating as it might be somedays, is giving me so much more that what I can understand. Today, snow is not anywhere nearby. It's too warm for a winter jacket. Berlin is supposed to be cold and windy, but we have spring températures, in january. This is not normal. #rooftoptentlife #urbexfrance #rooftop_project #all_is_abandoned #urbandecay #renegade_abandoned #abandon_seekers_ #bpa_urbex #nikonfrance #nikonfr #urbexphoto #urbexdordogne #urbexfranchecomte #urbexhessen #lazonaoscuraurbex #urbexnantes #urbexlyon #urbexnormandie #rooftopfarming #rooftoppingofficial #surlestoits #urbexberlin #urbexparis #urbexrooftops #urbexrennes #urbexgermany_community #urbexlight #urbexbretagne #urbex #rustlord_blue

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One just can not get enough of the fantastic work of Guillaume Prugniel J. We hope to see more of it soon and have, another opportunity to appreciate his skills.

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