The PlayStation 5 Will ‘Most Definitely’ Have These 5 Features

Not much is known about the PS5 yet, but we do know that Sony is currently working on a next-gen console, which would likely be called the PS5, which should arrive in the next few years.

However, some abstract details about the upcoming Sony’s system have surfaced on the internet. So, without wasting any more time, here are five features that the PS5 will have.

1. Backwards Compatibility

A recent patent by Sony suggested that PS5 is going to be backwards compatible with not only PS4 but with PS3, PS2 and The Original PS1

2. Big Changes To PSN

There will big changes to PSN, in terms of downloading speeds and most likely, finally allowing for name changes.

3. V-Sync

PS5 will come with V-Sync Support. Games will run better, with a smoother combat and less tearing of screen. This is possible because of V-Sync’s capability of syncing your Games’ frame rate to your display’s refresh rate. So if you are playing a 60 FPS game on 60Hz screen, V-Sync is going to intercept the frequencies and make sure that the game never crosses 60FPS while running which will avoid tearing and other issues.

4. Universal Crossplay

This is finally happening, although it’s only available in beta and supports just a single game. However, this seems to be a big move for our next generation.

5. Improved Graphics and New BD-XL Discs

It’s still unclear what sort of a graphical boost will we get to see but rumours hint that the future games will boast some uncanny realism, something that we are already starting to see in this generation. This will also include new BD-XL discs, scheduled to release next month that can store up to 128 GB of data.

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