The Reality behind “Infinity War” new release date

Marvel recently announced the new release date of “Avengers: Infinity War.” Well, many think that it is because of the tweet of Robert Downey Jr. But this is not true.

Ofcourse it can’t be. Well, its no easy task to release the movie one week earlier than planned. There has to be lots and lots of arrangements to be made. So why did Marvel take this big step?

There are two possible explanations.

1. Fear of Spoilers.

Infinity War was set to release in many countries on 27th April itself. In North America, however it was going to release in 4th May.

This would have without a doubt welcomed lots of spoilers. Spoilers are like the biggest ruining factor of any view.

Just imagine you are in a mood to watch “The Sixth Sense,” and someone tells you that Bruce Willis is a ghost. Or you are about to watch “Fight Club,” but someone just spoils it telling you that there is no Brad Pitt, it’s all just the imagination of Edward Norton.

Infinity War is Marvel’s biggest project till date, and MCU is not going to take a chance with it. Without a doubt, Infinity War is going to rock the blockbuster in its opening weekend, and spoilers are the only biggest restriction on the way. It might be the Reality behind new release date of Infinity War

2. Deadpool 2 & Solo Release

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Deadpool 2 is set to release on 18th May’ 2018. And we all know how excited we are.

So previously, it was just two weeks later Infinity War. So, there was no ambiguity in the fact that Infinity War would have faced trouble.

Not only this, a week after Deadpool 2, Disney’s “Solo: A Star Wars Movie: is scheduled to release. So indirectly, all the three movies would have been affected if Infinity Wars released on 4th May.

Keeping this mind, MCU thought it would be safe and intelligent to pre-pone the release date of Infinity Wars.

Well, whatever may be the explanation, MCU has now got us super excited.


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