The Reason Behind Hugh Jackman And Ryan Reynold’s Feud

Hugh Jackman unveils the original cause his “dispute” with fellow Ryan Reynolds X-Men star begins, and evidently, it’s all because of Scarlett Johansson.

How Reynolds-Jackman were Related

Hugh Jackman And Ryan Reynold
Is this a Friendly one or Real-thing?

Reynolds and Jackman initially meet while working on X-Men origins: Wolverine. It was Reynolds’ first time as Deadpool/Wade Wilson and Jackman’s fourth time as Wolverine.

But, that film’s depiction of Deadpool was particularly corrupt, mainly because it sealed up the Merc with a Mouth’s mouth.

Thankfully, Reynolds gained the chance to redeem Deadpool in a significant way thanks to the R-rated solo film in 2016. After a year, Jackman formally retired from representing Wolverine in the highly-praised Logan.

However, that hasn’t stopped Reynolds from teasing Jackman about suiting back up for a future Deadpool movie. Since their debut on the big-screen, the two artists are in a playful online feud.

Fans have taken great joy in observing Reynolds and Jackman tease each other.

What led to Start of this Friendly Feud

Reason behind the feud

Whether it’s Jackman teaming up with Jake Gyllenhaal to troll Reynolds at a weekend party or Reynolds fun poking on the third anniversary of Logan.

Though they’ve seemingly on a truce, the playful jabs will likely never stop, and fans certainly don’t want them to. In an interview, Jackman was questioned about this notorious feud and where it started. With a chuckle, he admits that it began on the set of X-Men Origins: Wolverine and that Scarlett Johansson indirectly was its cause.

At the time, Reynolds and Johansson were married, Jackman knew Johansson from working on both Scoop and The Prestige. Jackman gladly reveals: Scarlett just married Ryan.

So when he arrives, I was like, Hey, you better be on your best behavior. Since I’m watching you. Starting from ribbing each other that way, and then escalating it with the Deadpool thing. To him, calling me out and attempting to manipulate me through social media.

What’s Their take on this?

This Game is one of the Audience-favorite

In that very interview, Jackson admitted he’d dodge a part in the Cats, internet fashionable punching bag. Bad Education can be his next thing, which on April 25 will be making its HBO debut.

Even though he’s gone on to do other things, and that he’s been adamant about being done with Wolverine, fans still wonder if Jackman could ever reprise his role in an MCU flick now that Marvel regains the powers on the X-Men. As of right now, there are no plans for him to do so.

Still, if Reynolds upsets him enough, perhaps he’ll cave in. They grow to be kind of celebrity friends, and fans relish seeing them interact. Reynolds even applied their fun feud to make people face smiles amid the coronavirus pandemic when he pretends to reveal Jackman’s phone number to the world.

Their only X-Men universe interaction (so far) might have been a colossal disappointment, but at least something sweet came out of it.

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