The Salt Bae Guy Has a “No Flavortown” restaurant in NY!

Nobody goes to a restaurant predicated on the proprietor’s virality envisioning a noteworthy culinary encounter. However, what’s truly amazing about #SaltBae, the new eatery from Turkish gourmet specialist and human meme Nusret Gökçe, is that the food served there doesn’t taste terrible. For food to be undesirable, it needs to pose a flavor like anything. 

In any case, going to #SaltBae is not generally about the meal, even though completing a supper there comprises an individual triumph over your own body and senses and mouth. This restaurant is not Gökçe’s first American eatery. He additionally claims the Nusr-Et chain, which is costly and horrible. His most up to date culinary experience, situated close to New York’s Union Square, as of late opened in the wake of being under development for around a year.

The Salt Bae Guy Has a "No Flavortown" restaurant in NY!
Saltbae burger with Truffle Fries

The food tastes like nothing!

The Salt Bae Baklava Shake ($24.95), which is served in a glass secured with tasteless pistachio shards, doesn’t have the daringness to suggest a flavor like vanilla; however, I presume this since it was made into a foamy white substance with the surface of thick water. The triangle of baklava put on extra hills of whipped cream is stale, however salty, which is incredible because, in any event, salty is a flavor.

The Wet Burger ($9.95), named so because it is wet, is the size of a McDonald’s kids meal cheeseburger; the patty smells emphatically of cumin yet inquisitively poses a flavor like literally nothing. On the off chance that you squeeze it, it overflows oily tears.

The Salt Bae Guy Has a "No Flavortown" restaurant in NY!
The Wet Burger

Don’t have any “Extraordinary” reviews on Yelp

What’s more, the reviews are similar to the food, not extraordinary. “Alright, I comprehend this is an eatery dependent on an image, which ought to be sufficient to remain away,” said one of the reviewers on Yelp, “yet the experience I simply had far outperformed how terrible I at any point envisioned it could be.” 

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