“The second that they think you’re not hot enough”: Fans Convinced Kylie Jenner Broke Her Friendship With Pia Mia Because She Was Not Rich Enough

It’s not surprising that Hollywood is known as ‘the loneliest planet’ because of their ‘so-called friendships.’ Though loneliness can be found anywhere, it may be more prevalent in Hollywood. In other professions, relationships grow over time as men and women learn more about one another while being aware that they’ll likely be working together for years. However, relationships are much more erratic in Hollywood. Because of this, if you consider knowing people in Hollywood, you’ll discover the startling reality that nobody has any ‘true friends.’

Pia Mia and Kylie Jenner
Pia Mia and Kylie Jenner

One such bond was that of Pia Mia and Kylie Jenner, who were known to be BFFS. Mia, now, is criticizing the ‘transactional’ and ‘unreal’ nature of Hollywood friendships. The 24-year-old American singer-songwriter, who was a well-known member of Jenner’s inner circle of friends, posted a new video to TikTok in which she voiced her disgust as she applied her makeup for the day. 

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Pia Mia discusses her ex-BFF Kylie Jenner’s friendship in the new TikTok!

The here for u video, which was uploaded to her TikTok account on Tuesday, featured the Do It Again singer applying makeup while talking about the state of her career. She said that she has worked in the entertainment and music industries in LA for more than ten years, and that “yesterday I just had one of those days where you’re just completely over it and want to go home.”

The Princess singer continued by saying that she feels like her friendships in LA are very “transactional.”

Pia Mia
Pia Mia

“Even if you’re friends with someone for years, and you actually think that friendship is real, the second that they think you’re not hot enough, famous enough, or making enough money… you’re cut from the group.”

The F**k With U singer admitted that she finds it “a little bit awkward” to open up to her fans about the struggles she is going through, but she believes it will be beneficial. The moment they decide you’re not hot enough, famous enough, or making enough money, you’re kicked out of the group. 

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“Without anyone telling you anything and without you doing anything wrong,” the singer said bluntly. “That s**t is just terrible.” 

So, no more friendships?

As Pia Mia stated, “everyone always acts like everything’s okay,” so she believes it is “important to shed light” on how people are treated in these circles. She believes that it’s important to demonstrate that not everything is perfect all the time and that you can bounce back from moments or times in your career when you feel like things aren’t going the way you want them to.

Then she issued a warning: “Just take note of it for the people who do only want to be around you when you’re ‘hot enough. It’s not personal.”

Kylie Jenner in her controversial dress
Kylie Jenner in her controversial dress

In the post’s comment section, fans started to make assumptions about the person or friends Mia might be referring to.“Kylie,” one person wrote, and “First name that came to [my] head,” according to another.

A third commenter added, “They recently unfollowed each other,” which fueled speculation that Kylie Jenner is the friend who kicked Mia out of her close group.

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Fans, however, have recently theorized that their friendship may have ended badly.

Source: The Sun

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