The Secret Hocus Pocus and Sabrina The Teenage Witch Connection You Never Knew

The 1990s had some really amazing spooky and kid-friendly entertainment and it has now become Halloween staples especially for the nostalgic millennials. Hocus Pocus has another level fan base and now is a cult classic along with being a mainstay Halloween movie. Sabrina the Teenage Witch was an adaptation of Archie Comics.

Even though both of them featured witches in the modern world, there was another connection – They Both Feature The Same Animatronic Cat

Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus’ cat Thackery Binx and Sabrina’s Salem were both born as humans but then transformed into cats by witches. Both of them were still able to talk and think like humans and even guide their protagonists as friends. They were both portrayed by an animatronic and considering they were both black cats, recycling the prop makes sense!

Hocus Pocus
Thackrey Binx

Binx is a young boy from Salem, Massachusetts in the 17th century. His younger sister Emily was kidnapped by three witches and he follows them to save her. The three witches; the Sanderson sisters feed on Emily’s youth and curse Binx with an immortal life to make sure he never escapes his guilt of losing Emily and has to live as a cat. He can however come back to life under circumstances that involve a virgin, full moon, and Black Flame Candle.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch

However, Salem on other hand is a witch himself! Salem had tried to take over the world and the Witches Council sentenced him to live as a cat for a century. Hila Spellman was serving on Salem’s refreshments committee so Council punished her for the minor treason and gave her the responsibility of taking care of Salem in his cat form. Hilda and Zelda also take in Sabrina and then she and Salem develop a great rapport. He is often greedy and cynical but is a loyal and helpful friend to her.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Both Hocus Pocus’ and Sabrina’s cats have human backgrounds and were cursed and both of them serve familiars and guides to the characters. While Binx is still weighed down by guilt, on other hand, Salem is selfish and prone to scheming but he does show affection towards Sabrina.

The technical requirements were met by the same animatronic but both had different personalities.


Source: CBR.Com

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