“The selective outrage is workin my cozy nerves”: Reality TV Icon Ts Madison Defends Beyonce’s $24M Dubai Performance, Says Where’s the Outrage When She Performs at Anti-LGBTQ US States

Beyonce is one of the most established singers that the music industry and the world have ever seen. The American singer is very well known for her vocal prowess and her unique style of songwriting. The 28 Grammy award winner made headlines last week after she made her return to live concerts after 4 years. Her performance was a part of the Atlantis Resort’s Grand Reveal weekend celebration of the upcoming opening of Atlantis the Royal in Dubai. Under normal circumstances, her return to doing live shows would have won the hearts of her fans all around the world. However, the Baby Boy singer received a lot of hate for her performance in Dubai.


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Though the concert was a huge success, her fans were displeased with her doing a concert in Dubai. Beyonce claims to be a big supporter of the LGBT community but she still did a show in Dubai where homosexuality is considered illegal. The TV personality, Ts Madison tried to defend the American singer but she ended up getting blasted by the netizens as well.

Beyonce’s controversial return concert at an exclusive event

Queen Bey made her grand return to the stage at a concert in Dubai. Beyonce was allegedly paid $24 million to perform at the Atlantis Royal Resort in Dubai on Saturday night. The concert was nothing less iconic, truly fitting of the American singer’s return after 4 years. However, her fans were displeased by her decision of doing a concert in Dubai. Homosexuality is considered illegal in Dubai whereas the Halo singer claims to be a big supporter of the LGBT community. The American singer has been facing a lot of backlash for her Dubai concert and her fans are very disappointed.

Beyonce at her Dubai concert
Beyonce at her Dubai concert

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Fans blast Ts Madison for trying to defend the Drunk in Love singer

Ts Madison tried to defend Queen Bey for her controversial concert. The American TV star took to her Twitter and questioned the fans about what would they do when Beyonce does a concert in a US state that has anti-LGBT laws. Are they still going to hate her for doing concerts in those states or will they just enjoy the show?

The Netizens were quick to react to this and blasted Madison for defending Beyonce. One user mentioned that you can’t be imprisoned for being LGBTQ in the US. Although it has not happened yet, it is still possible that one can face the death penalty for being LGBTQ in Dubai.

Ts Madison
Ts Madison

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Fans were very unhappy with the Countdown singer performing in Dubai.

Other than fans, Beyonce has also received a lot of backlash from some famous celebrities as well. Keith McNally also blasted the American singer for her performance in Dubai in an Instagram post recently.

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