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The Simpsons Where Predicting The Future Is A Thing!

The Simpsons is iconic in so many ways. From the characters becoming a regular part of people’s lives, keeping up with the constant satirical reputation, and predicting the future on numerous occasions. Oh yes, the writers of the show predicted the future in various parts of the world numerous times, and they did so very accurately. According to analysts, there have been about 1224 times that The Simpsons have predicted the future. Of that, many have been some great calls on this ‘future’ of today. Let’s take notice of some of the greatest predictions made by The Simpsons over its 31 years worth of television. 

Prediction of a presidential candidate wearing Purple: 

  • In an episode that aired in 2000, Lisa became the first female President of the United States, not a very distinct feat from Kamala Harris who became the first female Vice-President. She wears Purple, just like Kamala Harris did on the day of the inauguration ceremony. And they both started their terms after the end of Donald Trump’s tenure. 

Tom Hanks presiding over the Inauguration Special of Joe Biden:

  • The writers have once again played Nostradamus. Tom Hanks is playing host in one of the episodes of The Simpsons. He is doing so for an inauguration ceremony just like he was the host of the celebrations that followed Joe Biden’s inauguration. Additionally, he plays host after some catastrophic years in the years of the United States of America.

The appearance of a three-eyed Fish: 

  • The Simpsons predicted a whole new genesis of fish. The three-eyed one. The three eyed fish is a very significant symbol of the show. It is a symbol of bad environmental effects. Sadly enough, the three eyed fish that was discovered by humans was found near a nuclear power plant which has massive implications on the environment. 

The prediction of the Higgs-Boson Particle: 

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  • Homer, the scientist on The Simpsons writes an equation of the mass for the particle that hasn’t been discovered yet. in an episode from 1998. Hence, Homer became the first scientist (although animated) to share any concrete amount of information on the Higgs-Boson Particle.

The acquisition of 20th Century Fox by Disney: 

  • In 2017, Disney took over 20th Century Fox by buying it out for $52.4 billion. 20th century Fox headquarters has a sign that says “A division of Walt Disney Co” in a 1998 episode of The Simpsons. 

The introduction to Autocorrect: 

  • In the 1994 episode named “Lisa on Ice”, Dolph uses Apple Newton, a digital assistant on his phone. “Eat Up Martha” gets corrected from “Beat Up Martin” when he was writing. This episode was a running joke when autocorrect was launched in the real world in 2005. 

Nobel Prize winning economist:

  • The Simpsons predicted the win of MIT Professor Bengt Holmström when Milhouse is shown betting on him. It shouldn’t be surprising to know that Professor Bengt won 6 years after the show aired. 

The Game of Thrones Fiasco: 

  • When the character of Daenerys Targaryen burned down the entire city of King’s Landing, thousands of watchers of the show Game of Thrones were disappointed. This change in the story arc is shown in a 2017 episode of The Simpsons.

The Simpsons has made people laugh while hinting on future events with so much accuracy and this kind of accuracy leaves the audience in awe of the how and they have done it consistently for over 31 years.

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