“The tape wasn’t even good to be talked about 20 years later”: Fans Trash Made Up Kim Kardashian Ray J S*x Tape Controversy, Blame Both For Trying Too Hard To Stay Relevant

The Kardashians are notorious for their tendency to do anything that helps them in their pursuit of fame. They have made a social identity and a social media presence to be reckoned with. And it has come at a cost. Often to stay a part of the conversation, one has to do things that malign their own identity. The same is the case for the Kardashians. Kim Kardashian is no different. The reality star has often resorted to publicity stunts to seek fame. And the most controversial of these stunts was one of the very first she pulled off – her s*x tape with ex, Ray J.

The S*x Tape with Ray J was not planned (or was it?)

Kris Jenner talked about the Kim Kardashian sex tape on The Late Late Show
Kris Jenner tried to put to bed all conspiracy theories about the s*x tape

In an interview on the Late Late Show with James Corden, the Kardashian momager, Kris Jenner, declined that she had any hand in the leak of the infamous 2005 s*x tape.

During the show, she underwent a lie detector test and responded to the allegations that she had a major role to play in the leak. When Corden asked her about the accusations leveled against her, she denied the same. She said, “It’s OK, but no.” And much to her relief the lie detector test reaffirmed that she was in the right. She expressed her relief over the same, saying, “Oh, I like that we cleared that up.”

But Ray J has called them out for the false claims. This won’t be the first time that the star is claiming the Kardashian family had an active role in the leak. Ray J had clarified back in May that it was a result of a contract between the three – that is Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, and Ray J. He even solidified his argument with documented proof.

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Kim Kardashian and co. were in deep trouble following Ray J’s reveal

Ray J speaks out
The Kardashians face everyone’s wrath after Ray J’s reveal

Ray J’s reveal has again turned up the heat on the Kardashians, who find themselves facing a new challenge.

It was through this video that Kardashian first shot to fame. It was a tool to do just that. At the time she met Ray J, the SKIMS founder was separating from her ex-husband, Damon Thomas. Working as a stylist for Ray J’s sister, Brandy, she got close to the 41-year-old. The two were together for 4 years and separated in 2006.

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Fans claim that the video is getting more credit than it deserves

Twitter shares its review
Kim Kardashian and Ray J s*x tape was brought under intense scrutiny by fans

But not everyone is innocent enough to not see through their act. They quickly realized what was up and came against Kim K for maligning Ray J.

Recently, a new argument against her has emerged, albeit a strange one. Some fans have called out the Kardashians for milking a video for 20 years that was not even worth its while.

But Kim K would probably do anything but let the embers die, because for her, the greater the controversy, the better.

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