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The Titans are ….. Returning?

Cyborg and Beast Boy back into Titans continuity Spoilers!


Once again guys Hello.
I’m V.v and this is the animated times.

Disclaimer! This article contains spoilers for Flash annual 1.

Yes folks, as many of you saw, there has been a big panel in today’s issue of Flash. And what is it? Well, let’s take a look.
the titans are returning

If we look harder we can see the Teen Titans fighting a battle and the team includes Robin/ Dick Grayson in a completely different outfit, one not seen in either New 52 or Rebirth. We can see Wally West also in a different suit, and we see Starfire, beast boy and Cyborg.
Now the question occurs, Cyborg is seen fighting alongside the Titans. But Cyborg was never part of the Titans. He went straight ahead to join the Justice League in N52 and Rebirth Continuity.
Does this mean that he’ll be brought back as a teen Titans soon?
And Beast Boy who joined the Teen Titans under the lead of Tim Drake and got his power not long before that is also sent as a part of Dick Grayson’s Titans? Are we being hinted that the Total history is gonna return to it’s Pre Flash Point origin? And is that a good thing or bad? How many fans want that and how many don’t? We’ll get the answers soon enough. Stay tuned for the continued news about the event Flash War.
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