The Most Unanswered Questions After Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War hit the theaters on 27th April’2018. It was without a doubt the most awaited movie of the year. I mean we have waited literally 10 years to see Thanos fight up the Avengers.

However, what we didn’t realize that this was just the first part. A lot more is yet to come. And as it should be, the first part left us confused on a lot of things. The movie might have ended with Nick Fury’s paging Captain Marvel, but the confusion had just begun.

We all entered the theaters excited like anything and left the same bewildered. We all had developed our own theories as to what is going to happen in the second part. And this was because the movie left a lot of unanswered questions.

1. What is the timeline exactly?

I was personally baffled at imagining the timeline. I mean the movie starts where Thor: Ragnarok ended. It had bits from the end of Civil War, then from the end of Black Panther. However, we are still trying to figure out what exactly is the actual timeline.

2. Does Thanos have the desire to kill the Avengers?

In the entire movie, Thanos has shown no hatred to the Avengers. He just wants to get all the Infinity Stones and would destroy anyone who would come in the way.

But he left Star Lord, Drax and Mantis alive. He even said to Iron Man that he respects him.

So does he actually have any desire to kill them? Still a question

3. Is Thanos a good man?

Thanos cried over Gamora’s death. He didn’t want to kill Iron Man. Even he regretted when he snapped his fingers and destroyed half the universe.

He left a lot of people alive where he could have killed them easily.

But why? Did he actually want the universe a better place?

4. Why Hulk in the Hulk Buster?

Bruce Banners wanted the big green monster to come out. So why did he pack himself in a suit which is made to beat up the Hulk?

Isn’t that something awkward?

5. Is Star Lord actually so stupid?

Star Lord is actually the leader of the Guardians of Galaxy. So why did he show such a stupidity.

People actually sacrifice their loved ones will to protect the universe and then we have this man.

6. What is the power of Thanos?

T’Challa has the suit. Iron Man has the suit. Spider-Man has the power of spiders. What is the power of Thanos? Is he actually just the stones? Remains unanswered.

7. Are the heroes really dead?

Well, to be honest, this might not be true. They could have traveled into some alternate timeline or some alternate universe.

Cause if the heroes are dead and half the universe is dead, what is the point of fighting Thanos now?

8. Did the Infinity Gauntlet and Stones destroy itself?

We could see the Infinity Gauntlet destroyed when Thanos snapped his fingers.

So, if the Gauntlet is destroyed, half the universe is destroyed what is the purpose of making the second part of Infinity War. We could see Thanos a bit of satisfied too. He is happy, there is nothing the heroes could do now. So what is the point of making of making Infinity War Part 2?

We hope these unanswered question to be answered up in the second part.

Since then, let’s  make our own theories.


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