The trailer of the Family Animated Film, The Willoughbys Released by Netflix!!

The demand for Netflix since it has come into existence has increased in leaps and bounds. Seeing the current situation of coronavirus pandemic, Netflix seems to have come to everyone’s rescue. A new Netflix animated movie is on its way. The film has been titled “The Willoughbys”. Recently, Netflix has finally released the trailer of the animated film. Over the last few months, it has been seen that Netflix is coming up with more and more animated movies. 

Holy Cow! I have a plan in mind!!

One of the character in the Willoughbys
A still from The Willoughbys.

Some films that were released in the past included Klaus, Despicable Me, and I Lost My Body. Not only that, but these animated movies by Netflix have also been awarded as being the Best Animated Feature Film. Netflix aims to keep winning awards for the Best Animated film with its latest release ‘The Willoughbys’. The story of the new animated film is based on the popular book ‘Lois Lowry’. Lois Lowry revolves around how a group of children who were siblings has realized that their parents don’t have time for them. 

The Willoughbys revolves around the concept of Family Life!!

The Family tree in The Willoughbys
A still from The Willoughbys.

To clear this situation, they send their parents away. However, fate had some other plans, and they eventually got to hear a piece of terrible news. The film has been directed by Kris Pearn. This film is said to be the second directed film by Pearn. The new animated film will be a great adventure to watch. It would be exciting to see how these kids make a plan to send their parents away.

The Director behind the concept of The Willoughbys!!

The story is conceptualised by Kris Pearn
A glimpse of director Kris Pearn.

Apart from that, it would also be exciting to watch that while their parents are far from away, how they understand the true meaning of family. The trailer of the film looks interesting. Let’s hope the movie turns to be exciting.

A look at the exciting new trailer of the animated film ‘The Willoughbys’!!!

Source: comicbook.com, polygon.com


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