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The Walking Dead turned into the best overall pattern on Twitter amid Sunday night’s stunning Season 9 Episode 14. The scene, titled “Scars,” recounted the narrative of Daryl and Michonne’s “X” stamps on their backs which ended up being shocking and push them to their ethical points of confinement.

Real spoilers!

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 14 pursue.

Season Nine of The Walking Dead was continually going to be an essential point for AMC’s zombie dramatization. Both Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan left their jobs as Rick Grimes and Maggie Rhee, individually, before a huge number of new cast individuals were acquainted with convey the arrangement. Also, new showrunner ventured in with Angela Kang taking the rules from Scott Gimple. The outcomes have been awesomely positive as far as quality. Season Nine has been acclaimed by the two commentators and fans.

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Leading spot on twitter:

Presently, The Walking Dead has earned itself the main spot on Twitter’s inclining list as Michonne was compelled to battle youngsters in an overwhelming dystopian situation.


The scene was positively a substantial one as it moved Michonne’s fight with children who were not going to quit battling her until she or they were dead.

As a great part of the scene based on a pregnant Michonne being pushed as far as possible, the character’s fans turned out in large numbers.

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Negan may even now be hated by a great part of the fan base however his reclamation circular segment could be seemingly within easy reach after his collaboration with Michonne in Sunday’s scene.

Tweets about the episode:


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