The Truth about Captain America after Avengers: Endgame

After the Avengers Endgame, too many fans were heartbroken but at the same time happy for how Steve ended up. He got the life that he always wanted; he got to return to Peggy- the woman he loved. He was an incredible superhero who served as a role model for the citizens of this country. He was kind-hearted, gentle, and one of the noblest avengers. Although Captain America truly did deserve peace and happiness, fans were not ready for him to leave MCU so soon. Further, with how the movie ended, we do not find out what exactly happened to Steve Rogers.

What happened with Steve?

What happened  with Steve?

For an audience so crazy behind a superhero like Captain America, it is a must to find out what happened when he went to return the infinity stones to their respective spot. After true longing, at the San Diego Comic-Con, the Avengers Endgame directors finally revealed what happened to Rogers. Well, kind of.

“So yeah, after Steve finally got his long-awaited dance with Peggy… it’s a good question, perhaps he and Peggy tried to make a baby, I don’t know,” Anthony joked. “I think he went to the bathroom, because it took him a long time to return all those stones. He was holding it for a while,” Joe added.

There are many possibilities for what could have happened with Steve. He could have saved Bucky from HYDRA, or he could have saved himself from freezing in an icebox for 70 years. He could have even protected S.H.I.E.L.D from HYDRA. Nobody knows. But what do know for certain is what happened to Chris Evans after his role in the MCU.

What happened with Chris?

What happened with Chris?

According to the Russo brothers, American actor Chris Evans has “emotionally moved on” from his role as Captain America. So as of now, there is not a great chance of him reprising the character. Hence, Steve Rogers’ happy ending really does remain untouched.

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