The Umbrella Academy: 16 Best Cosplay Actions From Around The World

The Umbrella Academy has been a breath of fresh air for cosplayers around the globe. The costumes are stylistic as well as edgy, and it has become a favorite in no time.


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Although Klaus is the favorite darling child that everyone wants to be, the others have had some really great hits along the way. From Vanya to Number 5 to Allison, Ben, and Luthor, to even the Father, Mother, Hazel, and Cha-Cha – everyone and everything has been tried out.

Se we here thought of bringing you some of the best cosplay versions from The Umbrella Academy that we could find in the World Wide Web! They are simply put – AMAZING!

1. Let’s Start With Klaus!


Hello and Good Bye, Cruel World! Klaus is perfection, and so is this cosplay and this cosplayer!

2. Violin by Vanya



Vanya in this White Suit with a violin in her hands is all kinds of Powerful!

3. I Heard a Rumor


Rumour has it… Allison is probably the easiest to cosplay, but those curls are anything but!

4. Well, number seven… There’s just nothing SPECIAL about you.

Yes, Father! Vanya and Reginald Hargreaves is rare, but we are SO here for it! Check @noghard to see more of their amazing cosplay actions.

5. Diego Will Knife You!


You do not want to test his patience. Even this cosplayer looks like someone you don’t wanna mess with!

6. Number 5 and his Obsession with Eye Ball


He will always figure out the mystery! Always! Number 5 is becoming another favourite in the cosplay world slowly.

7. Another, Klaus! I mean… come on!


One can never have enough of one Klaus Hargreaves. Or this cosplayer!

8. Hey, Mother.


We all missed Mother. But Diego missed her the most. Mother looks beautiful none-the-less.

9. Don’t Call Me Number 1


The hulking giant of the Academy! And this Luthor is even wearing green!

10. Let’s Have Some Coffee, Dolores


Number 5’s love for coffee and Dolores can never be matched! Neither can this cosplay, really!

11. Klaus and Ben Should Always be Together


The epic proportions of bromance this duo has going on! And this cosplay is edgy as hell!

12. Vanya – The Queen


Her eyes can see through your very soul. Both in the show, and in this cosplay version.

13. Ben and Ball


Ben has been a very nice surprise for the fans of the show! And this cosplay of Ben is nice too.

14. A Bloody Number 5


If Number 5 is not going around killing people, is he even okay?  This cosplay on the other hand is definitely A-Okay!

15. Another Ben and Klaus


Really! This duo needs a lot more appreciation than it gets! So does this cosplay!

16. We End the Way We Started – With Klaus!


Because he is fabulous. And a king. And this cosplay deserves it.

Swagata Das
Swagata Das

Swagata works as a Senior Features Editor at AnimatedTimes. Having previously worked as a Content Writer, her passion for everything pop culture became her true calling as she now works with a global team of writers to brainstorm unique, groundbreaking ideas. Having done her Masters in English Literature, Swagata is a self-professed K-Pop addict with an affinity to work her charms on unsuspecting friends to induct them into the fandom cult.

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