The View’s Joy Behar Calls Meghan Markle ‘Yoko Ono’ of Royal Family Who Will Decimate World’s Most Powerful Monarchy

Ever since excerpts from Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir Spare got leaked, it has been one of the hottest subjects everywhere. Allegations of physical assault are not a mild offense and it clearly makes the possibility of a reconciliation between the royal family and its estranged prince even harder. The View also took up this topic that has become both a source of gossip and a serious debate, and Joy Behar sided with Meghan Markle on this one. According to her, Markle has been wronged into being universally vilified.

Joy Behar thinks Meghan Markle is being mistreated by the Royals like John Lennon’s wife

Joy Behar compares Meghan Markle's vilification to Yoko Ono
Joy Behar compares Meghan Markle’s vilification to Yoko Ono

Joy Behar defended Meghan Markle and claimed that she has been unfairly made an outcast by the royal family and its supporters. She compared the Suits actor’s state to that of John Lennon’s wife, Yoko Ono. She said,

“It seems like everyone in the royal family treats Meghan like Yoko Ono. Yoko Ono allegedly broke up The Beatles, and she became the pariah of that generation. It’s almost the same thing here. I mean, why would [Prince] William — if this is all true — why would William be so upset with Meghan and go after her to her husband? There’s something bizarre about this.”

Behar feels that the Duchess of Sussex has been subjected to the utmost criticism by the British royal family and shunned before she chose to leave.

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The disintegration of a family – source of global entertainment

The British Royal Family
The British Royal Family

The 80-year-old then went on to ask her co-hosts if they feel that the Dater’s Handbook actress has deliberately strained relations between her husband, Prince Harry, and his family. Ana Navarro took her chance to speak and lamented how the breaking of a real family has become a source of entertainment for the world.

“At this point, I find all of these stories incredibly painful because we are seeing the disintegration of a family unit in front of our eyes. And yes, it’s tea and it’s entertaining, and they’re monarchy and they’re an institution, but they’re also a family. And I think the wounds that are being revealed are going to be harder and harder to heal with so much publicity.”

Joy Behar defends Meghan Markle
Joy Behar defends Meghan Markle

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Behar went on to talk about the 41-year-old Duchess yet again. According to her, the extreme “vitriol” that Markle has to put up with is “incredibly sick.” She brought up a December column in The Sun written by Jeremy Clarkson where he proposed that the former Deal or No Deal model should be made to parade naked in the streets while “lumps of excrement” are hurled at her – pretty much like Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones. While the article was later retracted and apologized for, it doesn’t take away how horrendous the message was. And Behar claimed the same,

“What type of idiot writes something like this about a person, a girl who lives in the world and who is trying to wake up in the morning and get through the day? What a disgusting pig.”

Spare is set to hit the shelved on January 10 and only time will tell what a bombshell impact it will have.

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