The Wolverine

‘Rogue’ and ‘ Wolverine‘, are two separate words that now officially go together. Logan is one of those people who would do what they want to with ‘I don’t care about your opinion’ attitude.

(Un)Fit in Krakoa

The Wolverine
The Wolverine

Logan– who has always been a loose cannon, that one X-Man who gleefully abandons the old, traditional superhero rule: “do not kill.” It’s not at all a surprise seeing him struggle to fit in on this new mutant nation of Krakoa.

Though the X-Men have done all that they could to accommodate him, yet everything doesn’t seem to be enough. They have now, in X-Force, made Wolverine a key player. It is the mutant equivalent of the CIA and is the only group to whom Krakoa’s Quiet Council has allowed to kill humans. Even after all this, Wolverine is still not comfortable in this all-new mutant paradise.

The Island Issue

Logan- The Wolverine
Logan- The Wolverine

Logan distrusts the island and firmly believes that this island isn’t safe and it’s a trap that wants to trick people and then letŕì their guard down. And he’s not a fan of the mutant amnesty – understandably so X-Men have welcomed everybody from the vampiric Emplate to the Apocalypse.

The Secret Gateway

It’s has been confirmed that The Wolverine is now going to all rogue. It showcases that Logan with the Quiet Council is in a state of conflict. He has even got at least one hidden Krakoan Gateway, which could also be called Wolverine’s secret passage. He uses the gateway without anybody’s knowledge.

Rogue Actions

After being confronted by the Quiet Council for his rogue activity, Wolverine escapes through his secret gate to the Red Tavern. Red Tavern is a snowbound, backwoods watering hole. Here Logan wants to guzzle whiskey in peace. However, Logan soon enough discovers that order isn’t possible

Near to Threat

Omega Red
Omega Red

The cover suggests that these secret gates will lead to not so hidden trouble. It is quite easy to for an enemy to track down and ultimately cause harm to Logan. Moreover, the cover also hints that Omega Red is going to be more dangerous than Wolverine would believe. The simple implication is that Omega Red has managed to somehow learn about Wolverine’s secret gateway, and now, he has pursued Wolverine through it to settle some old score.

Final Words

The air smells of combat soon. But this comabt could be harmful, like really bad. And whatever be the results. Twists and turns are for sure o entertain.

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