Then And Now: LGBTQ People Shared Their Transformations Coming Out Of The Closet

When people from the LGBTQ community were asked to share their transformations ever since they have come out of the closet, this is what they shared about their glow-ups.

Michael B.

I wish the little guy on the left knew that a decade later, all his dreams would come true: I’m living as an expat in New York City, working in diversity.”


Six years out and thriving.”


I joined the Air Force when I was 18 to serve my country and to be a police officer. I thought the lifestyle would make me act like a ‘man.’ Ten years later, I’m out of the closet, loved by my wingmen, and I learned what a real man really is.”


From an awkward performing arts kid to a proud pansexual queen with the best partner ever.”


I was painfully in the closet and depressed till I was 28 years old. When I came out, I decided to switch my whole life up. I started working out, eating healthy, and living my best open life! I’ve never been happier!


What a difference a decade, a coming out, and a haircut can make.”


I used to be an awkward, dorky weirdo trying to be as pretty and girly as possible. Now I’m much more comfortable in my own skin.”


Boom. Three years of YouTube makeup tutorials, opening the closet door, and adapting plaid into my wardrobe.”


All my life I’ve felt beat down. I battled brain cancer, hence the baldness, but I am the happiest queer you could imagine. I am in touch with my mind, my body, and my queerness, and I would never change that.”


The ‘before’ me tried bangs and heavy eyeliner and had no idea she was bisexual. The ‘after’ me has no time for makeup (most of the time), smiles more authentically, and is proud to be a bisexual female dating a man no matter who tries to put her in a box!!!


I was scared of not knowing if I was gay and how the world would accept me, full of insecurities; now I am comfortable in my own skin and very happy being part of the LGBTQ community and helping others as much as possible!


People in high school were always trying to get me out of my shorts into skirts. I never felt like I was good enough. Since then, I’ve cut my hair off and found a style to fit me, and I’ve never felt better. I’m more confident in myself now, and I’ve never felt more at home in my own skin.”


From a closeted 15-year-old to a super-gay, super-married 25-year-old. I am more happy, more fulfilled, and more successful than I could possibly have imagined.”


First one is from right around Father’s Day 2016, and the second one is from Mother’s Day 2021.”

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