Theory Explained: How Did Serena Joy Become A Handmaid

The fourth season of “Handmaid’s Tale” puts the Watford family on trial for a crime, but Serena Joy is also pregnant. Can she be Gilead’s servant? In “The Handmaid’s Tale”, Serena Joey Watford is pregnant, so will she be forced to return to Gilead and serve as a maid? For many years, as one of the most powerful wives in the Gilead Republic, after working with her husband Fred to ensure the security of the government and enacting and implementing many laws, Serena Joy found herself in a dangerous situation. She had nowhere to turn when she was facing a trial in Canada, except to her husband, who had always been willing to accept responsibility. The Waterfords are once again putting on a united front as they prepare to appear before the International Criminal Court, where Joan Osborne’s testimony will be crucial in establishing evidence against her for war crimes and crimes against humanity. But what will happen during and after the trial remains to be seen.

In “The Handmaid’s Tale”, there are still a lot of miles in the history of Fred and Serena, so things can’t be that simple, because they will be imprisoned for their misconduct. Nevertheless, even so, there are still some possible options. It is still possible that the Waterfords can reach an agreement with Canada and the United States in exchange for freedom (or something similar, anyway), or they have returned to Gilead and can take back some of the old ones. vitality. But a more relevant theory surrounding Serena Joy is that she will have to return to Gilead and serve as a servant. This stems from her unexpected pregnancy, her weak position with Fred, and a clear need for Gilead. There are more maids. If Serena is in a position to have to return to Gilead, then her pregnancy should be taken into account in some way. It is generally believed that wives can not have children, which is part of the reason why they have servants (although the husband’s infertility may also be the cause). It is believed that this is the case for Serena, but it is not the case. Although she should at least raise her children in Gilead, the fact that she is a fertile person in the current fertility rate and population crisis may cause Gilead to force her to play a different role.

Serena Joy’s pregnancy may not be enough to make her a slave, but her low social standing in Gilead may be. In season 2, he had already put his reading skills to the test, so he lost a finger. Serena then ruined her reputation even more by selling Fred, despite Nicole’s bond with them. Gilead may value the mother’s affection for the child on some level, but she was not warmly welcomed because of her frequent transgressions and since she showed no signs of supporting the Watford family in the test (at least not yet). Nonetheless, she is deemed deserving of punishment, and the fact that she is capable of bearing children may lead to her becoming a maid, either of the traditional or more modern variety and even a somewhat hybrid role of a maid and a wife. It depicts your previous state as well as everything you accomplished in Gilead.

Serena Joy’s becoming a maid will be a turning point in fate, considering her efforts to make other women succumb to this fate. Given Joan’s angry speech to her earlier in Season 4 of “The Handmaid’s Tale”, the audience may even think she deserves a speech and a punishment adapted to her many crimes, although everyone will suffer a terrible fate. There are few signs that the Waterfords can be redeemed, especially based on Joan’s view of them, because she is the protagonist, which means that the theory must be reasonable. However, at the same time, “The Handmaid’s Tale” left a lot of history, which may allow the Waterford family to play a more important role in it, and Serena, as a maid, could prevent it from happening.

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