“There’s no pride in defeating a 60 year old man”: Tom Hardy Wins Jiu-Jitsu Event In The UK, Gets Trolled Online For Fighting An Old Fighter

Tom Hardy is more than just an action figure on the screen. The Mad Max: Fury Road actor was recently spotted at a charity Jiu-Jitsu championship in Aldersley Leisure Village in Wolverhampton. The Venom actor was not simply making a perfunctory appearance at the event but was there to flaunt his fighting chops.

The 44-year-old won two gold medals at the event, named REORG Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship. Social media went abuzz with Hardy’s pictures and videos from the event, especially the ones showing him engulfed determinedly in fights.

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Tom Hardy’s involvement with the Charity

Tom Hardy
Hardy struck gold at a charity jiu-jitsu championship

Daily Mail reported that the charity which organized the Jiu-Jitsu championship, the REORG Charity is a body that works with “people with life-altering physical injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression”.

Hardy happens to have a long-standing relationship with the charity. Back in 2011, when Tom Hardy was working on the film Warrior, a film where he played an MMA fighter, he started training with REORG and learned Jiu-Jitsu, a non-violent Brazilian martial art where one is supposed to tackle their opponents with their arms and legs without inflicting a single punch on them.

Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy in Warrior (2011)

Today, Hardy is a trustee of this organization, and he is also actively involved physically as a jiu-jitsu teacher who teaches this Brazilian form of martial art as a means of recovery for people suffering from physical and mental problems. This particular event was meant for raising funds for the organization and Hardy took part in supporting that cause.

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Tom Hardy trolled by netizens

Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy brutally trolled for a fight stint at the charity event

Hardy might have won two medals in the championship. As a trustee, he might even have won funds for the charity he represents, but he also earned a plethora of jokes made at his expense. As the videos of Hardy entwined with what looked like a man quite older than him, went viral on the internet, netizens fired away at their keyboards claiming that the kind of private specialist training he could afford makes him an unsuitable opponent to normal men with normal training.

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The seeming age of Hardy’s opponent was the primary butt of the joke, as netizens couldn’t help but remark on this one.

Another user pointed out how Hardy was looking quite unlike… himself.

Looks like Tom Hardy can tackle older men, but he can’t tackle the ensuing judgment that came his way.

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