“There’s nothing wrong with your lips”: Hollywood Star Address Her Insecurity by Slamming Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner For Paying For Fake Lips

The Kardashian family had their fair share of controversies related to their family, starting from Kim Kardashian’s explicit video tape to Khloe Kardashian being accused of a cheating scandal. The family made their way up the fame ladder through several controversies over time. The Kardashian family seems to spark controversies and be in the limelight for several years. The women of the family have made their fortune out of not just modeling but influencing and hosting TV shows. No matter how much you hate or like celebrity gossip and the Kardashians, you can’t deny how hooked you can get with Keeping up with the Kardashians

The Kardashians become a part of yet another controversy

The family has been accused several times of undergoing cosmetic treatments and influencing netizens by setting beauty standards. However, the Kardashians have denied the accusations every time. Yet again, the Kardashians were recently ripped at the Golden Globe Awards for their lip surgery. 

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Sheryl Lee Ralph leaves the internet stunned with a savage reply

The American actress Sheryl Lee Ralph ripped the Kardashians at The Golden Globe Awards for their fake lips. The 66-year-old actress appeared on the red carpet of the award show and was asked in a quick interview with InStyle, what advice would she give to her 15-year-old self. Sheryl Lee left the world flabbergasted by her reply, especially after she dissed the Kardashians. 

Sheryl Lee replied to the question asked by InStyle within no time, and without any contemplation, she went on to praise her natural appearance. “There’s nothing wrong with your nose. There is nothing wrong with the shade of your skin. There is nothing wrong with the way your hair grows out of your head,” Ralph replied. She added “And there is certainly nothing wrong with your lips because there will be some people called Kardashians and they will pay $10,000 for your lips.”

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Fans showed support to Sheryl Lee Ralph for her reply 

Sheryl Lee Ralph in her purple heavily jeweled dress with a sleek waist-length blowout, perfectly paired with her dress, badged a nomination for Supporting actress. The actress prior to her nomination addressed her younger self and gave a message that reached out to netizens and was heavily hailed by Twitterati. Several users called her ‘mother‘ and ‘queen‘ for dropping truth bombs and stating facts to the younger generations. 

Sheryl Lee Ralph sends a message to her younger self, at Golden Globe Awards

Among all the supportive comments that rained on Sheryl Lee, there were several users who mocked the Kardashians predicting their replies to Ralph’s message. The Kardashians are known for their signature look of having big lips and bottoms through plastic surgery, however, they seem to deny all claims. The Kardashian sisters have previously been called out for setting unrealistic beauty standards as influencers on social platforms, despite them declining all accusations. 

Amidst the entire controversy of dissing the Kardashians, Sheryl Lee Ralph’s message to her 15-year-old self “Hang in there 15-year-old Sheryl Lee Ralph.” is trending all over Twitter. 

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Source: Twitter

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