These 5 Fan Theories Makes More Sense About MCU Tech And Weapons

If there is anything that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is not shy about, it is their weapons and technology. Iron man, aka Tony Stark, always comes up with something amazing that does all the taxes and even kills the malevolent robots. Since these movies really have some cool gadgets and technologies around, fans have come up with some intriguing theories over all these years.

Many fan theories about the MCU weapons and technologies are shared on Reddit where the thought processes behind the techs are also visible. While several theories have been thoroughly analyzed, these five actually made sense.

With that said, here is the list of 5 fan theories that made more sense about MCU tech and weapons –

Dwarves Made Weapons For Thanos’ Children

There is no story behind the weapons that Thanos’ children use. But, surprisingly, the weapons used by them (The Black Order) share some similarities with the Dwarven weapons. That is why one fan theory claimed that it was Dwarves who made the weapons for Thanos’ children.

Iron Man’s Suit Loses Its Durability In Its Advanced Mode

There have been a lot of conversations regarding Iron Man’s suit. Many pointed that it kept on going weak year after year. However, a fan theory explained the reason why Tony Star’s suit loses its durability. The theory revealed that Tony trades durability for gaining speed and that is why he focuses on making the suit more compatible throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But, apparently, to do that, he needs to cut off its armor that results in losing its durability.

Groot Speaks A Dead Language

We have seen how Quill’s universal translator failed to understand Groot’s language. As a result, Rocket has had to translate it. But, why did a universal translator failed to understand a language? The reason is explained by a fan theory. It said that Groot was the only survivor from the Asgardian elective, that is why it suddenly became a dead language. And when the universal translator was made, it was designed to depict tons of languages that are alive and not dead.

Odin Collected The Infinity Stones

Everyone has seen that Odin was a ruthless conqueror. He, along with his daughter Hela, rampaged around the universe. But a fan theory explained how he lost his wife and how he became a protector instead of a conqueror. The theory mentioned that “during his conquest, Odin sought out the Infinity Stones himself; he sacrificed his wife for the Soul Stone, and the remorse over the act and the connection to the souls of the universe granted to him by the stone caused him to change to a protector rather than a conqueror.”

The Avengers Are Themselves The Infinity Stones

More than a theory, it is just a fan’s observation that claims that each Avenger in the Marvel Cinematic Universe represents an infinity stone. Here are the matches –

  • Tony Stark/Iron Man: Mind Stone
  • Thor: Space Stone
  • Hulk: Power Stone
  • Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow: Reality Stone
  • Captain America: Time Stone
  • Clint/Hawkeye: Soul Stone

Obviously, the characters don’t resemble the stone completely, but they have a lot in common that makes this shower thought to sound more like a thesis when actually it is the opposite.

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