These 7 Cartoon Characters Looks Exactly The Same As Their Voice Actors

Before Aladdin took the initiative to cast professional and big actors, voice artists were used to depicting the heroes of Hollywood. There were not as many cartoon characters to be taken care of by the voice actors. That is why the rubber-faced antics were integrated into a Genie. In today’s modern time, voice actors who look exactly the same as the cartoon characters are common, Shark Tale being one of the most prominent examples.

There were plenty of artists who looked like their cartoon characters during the pre-Aladdin period. Still, they were not the “celebs.” Precisely, they were not meant to sell tickets at all. For example, suppose we observe Disney closely. In that case, it does not hire voice artists, but artists who are also actors such as Bobby Driscoll and Eleanor Audley. It helps them pull out the acting roles and sound on stage to help the designers and animators recreate the characters. These seven voice artists/actors from the television and film industry look extremely similar to their cartoon characters.

So, from Malory Archer to Yzma, here is a list of 7 cartoon characters who looks exactly the same as their voice actors and vice versa –

Malory Archer: Archer

Jessica Walter, the one behind the voice of Malory Archer from Archer, looks much like her. In fact, the makers intentionally used the appearance as an inspiration to build the character.

Lady Tremaine: Cinderella

Cinderella’s stepmother, Lady Tremaine’s voice actor, Audley, looked exactly the same as she does. This is because Audley was taken as the live-action model to build this evil character. Disney echoed that the cartoon character was drawn “with a sinister and lifelike subtlety that contrasted with the broader treatment given to many of the other characters.”

Philoctetes: Hercules

DeVito has not only voiced Philoctetes, who is a look-alike of him, but the character suits his diminutive frame perfectly. Apart from Philoctetes, DeVito has also voiced Mr. Swackhammer in 1996’s Space Jam. The character he voiced was an alien manager of a theme park, Moron Mountain.

Carl Fredricksen: Up

While Carl Fredricksen resembles Ed Asner’s, the cartoon character was actually an inspired integration based on Walter Matthau and Spencer Tracy.

Yzma: The Emperor’s New Groove

It seems like Yzma has a sheer essence of resemblance with Eartha Kitt. Still, the true inspiration of the cartoon character was Yma Sumac.

Peter Pan: Peter Pan

It was not only the animation team looking out for inspiration from Bobby Driscoll’s look for Peter Pan in Peter Pan. But, Disney also wanted to take Driscoll as the “reference” of the cartoon character.

Principal Lewis: American Dad

It was Kevin Richardson behind the voice of Principal Lewis in American Dad. Even the makers took his look to craft the character to fit with the same beard and bald look. His other voice-based work includes Shredder in 2012’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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