These Comedians Played Great Villains On Screen

Actors like John Malkovich, Dennis Hopper, and Gary Oldman cannot always play the villain. These are some of the films where comedians played great villains, proving that sometimes, an off-the-line casting could be fruitful.

Jim Carrey and Robin Williams both were spectacular in comedy that showed up impressive filmographies as well. While both wanted to get cast differently and into some dramatic roles, it is hard to imagine great stand-up comedians playing “bad guys.” But when the scripts and performances align right to each other, these comedians could make great villains as well.

From Robins Williams to Jim Gaffigan, these 5 comedians have played great villains on screen –

Robins Williams in Insomnia

Robin Williams proved that he is a spectacular drama actor till the time Insomnia hit the box office. While he has previously won an Academy Awards for Good Will Hunting, he is extensively known for his comedy roles in Jumanji and Mrs. Doubtfire. One of the most successful roles that seemed to be against his type has been with Christopher Nolan’s Insomnia. In fact, Nolan was incredibly impressed with the actor’s ability to act this viciously.

Kevin James in Becky

Kevin made people fall in love with his comedy in King of Queens for nine consecutive seasons. But last year, he completely shifted into playing a new genre on screen. He played a neo-Nazi in the action-packed film Becky. While the role was supposed to be played by Simon Pegg, a scheduling conflict helped James get and conquer the role of a villain.

Jim Carrey in Batman Forever

1994 was quite a year for Jim Carrey. The actor went from a TV sketch player to a movie superstar by playing hilarious roles in Dumb, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Dumber, and The Mask. Right after one year, in 1995, he decided to play a completely opposite role in Batman Forever. He played the role of quiz master Riddler. The Canadian stand-up comedian played a position that was completely opposite to his usual genre. As a result, the evil baddie got significant praise for his role, and it helped him get his career off the ground.

Bernie Mac in Bad Santa

Many considered Bad Santa as an anti-Christmas film. The film was actually cynical and dark but funny. Post that movie, Bernie Mac was known for his Original Kings of Comedy. He has played multiple roles, many of which were good, in The Bernie Mac Show and Charlie’s Angles. But, he took a heel turn to play Gin Slagel in Bad Santa by playing a blackmailer in the movie. He did his job evidently because the audience did not like Gin at all.

Jim Gaffigan in Most Wanted

Jim Gaffigan is known for his clean comedy. He even did his own television sitcom named The Jim Gaffigan Show. But last year, Jim decided to play a dark role in Most Wanted. The movie was based on an actual event, and Jim played the role of Glenn Picker. This character was very violent, which is entirely opposite to the type of personality Jim has carried all these years. But as per the statement, he opted to play this because he wanted to bring out a more layered and complex performance on screen.

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