“These hands are Rated E for everyone”: After Misogynist Andrew Tate Gets Banned From FB And Instagram, Netizens Dig Up Old Tweet Decimating Failed Kickboxer By Funimation

Andrew Tate, a former kickboxer who is now a motivational speaker, has had a history of giving contentious speeches that frequently make headlines. Due to his advocacy of bringing back toxic masculinity, the online personality was able to launch his own educational program, known as Hustlers University, which is now discontinued after his ban from social media platforms. Even though it has been shown that everything taught in the ex-curriculum kickboxers is on a basic level of money management, he has attained unprecedented heights of fortune and renown with the advertising of his program. The notorious speaker was recently expelled from a number of social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Now that the celebrity is getting the treatment he deserves, the anime community has also come out to claim their part in tearing down the reputation of the ex-kickboxer.

Andrew Tate got banned for his dangerous ideologies

Andrew Tate
Andrew Tate

Anyone who has watched or followed Andrew Tate’s videos knows that he is a proud proponent of toxic masculinity, which is followed by his blatantly misogynistic opinions. His inspirational messages even reached well-known actors like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. His misogynistic views may as well be known as a dangerous ideology as it has the potential to warp the mentality that young males may possess about how to treat others, especially women. Fortunately, the personality has now been banned from social media platforms for breaking rules because his words seem to have quite the following by the younger generation.

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The kickboxer says liking anime is for kids


In the rise to fame and controversial statements, the misogynistic personality, Andrew Tate, even went after the anime community. He had tweeted a post on 26th September 2022 stating that “If you are over 15 and still like cartoons you are a loser. Anime dragon ball Z etc. No excuse. Plus ANY woman loses respect for you. Grow up.”

To which the famous anime company, Funimation, responded by stating “These hands are rated E for Everyone” with a GIF of Son Goku from the famous Dragon Ball Z anime.

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Otakus blast Andrew Tate on Twitter

Son Goku
Son Goku from Dragon Ball Z

The anime community has always been joked about being too old for their content, however, that is obviously as false as it can get due to the variety of content that genre holds. With the recent ban of Andrew Tate, the anime community took to Twitter and dug up his tweet that insulted the anime culture that many otakus have come to love, especially when it came to the iconic Dragon Ball anime series.

Needless to mention that the ban of the ex-hustler has only shown sunlight on the internet after his toxic masculinity gets its own set of consequences. As far as it goes to mention the anime community, it seems that Andrew Tate is not only proven wrong but also proven to be uneducated when it comes to anime as one user even mentions that his knowledge only seems to go to the very famous Dragon Ball Z anime series.

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