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These Mandalorian Season 2 Memes Are The Way

Hey coffee drinkers, we all get related to this meme.

We all know that the Starbucks brand is so strong that it has earned itself due to various flavors. Maybe that’s way of increasing their sales by this routine strategy? They seriously need to check the meme universe on how many memes they have made about this!

The exact relation that Xerox for photocopiers and McDonalds for burgers share, so does Starbucks for coffee. How much has this beloved coffee brand startled us with their exciting surprises?

We all know that Baby Yoda is a cute alien baby, but what is he really up to? Well for the starters he is something of a ruler of the universe himself. Without much of a hassle and a dialogue he controls the universe. Well not only universe he can levitate objects too.

As many of you know just like how a normal baby is a sucker for milk and has a sweet tooth, Baby Yoda is a sucker for these eggs. But can Baby Yoda take these eggs? That would be a heck of a spoiler which we are not going to spoil for y’all. 

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It takes sheer will and patience to strongly wait for a week for The Mandalorian

to air a new episode. This meme just captures the tip of the iceberg of how the fans have yearned for the show every week. And heck yeah, of course we will wake up every morning at 3 if not before to watch this amazing thing on the tv.

If the viewers remember just how cute Baby Yoda’s face gets distorted while watching while he looked at an enclosure of eggs, they would find it extremely relatable when their snacks are getting cooked in the microwave. So the next time a fan is microwaving something he might have a moment there to cherish Yoda.

Baby Yoda’s favorite snack chicken nuggies are missing and Djarin is to be blamed for it. Just imaging how awful the Child must have felt when it was missing would make the fans feel extremely sick. However this meme capture the Child’s cute face when it found out that they were indeed absent.

Baby Yoda has the perfect happy face when smiling that any living thing can mimic. Remember the feeling when we are through our work and about to leave or when the school gets finished and we are heading home? That is what exactly we mean by true happiness and this is how we exactly look like.

Bibhu Prasad Panda

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