“They actually snubbed Angela Bassett”: Fans Outraged as Jamie Lee Curtis Wins Best Supporting Actor at Oscars Over Black Panther 2 Star

The 95th Academy Awards took place on Sunday after three months of anticipation surrounding a number of other award shows. The best supporting actress award went to Jamie Lee Curtis for her role in Everything Everywhere All at Once. This is her first Oscar win.

The Oscars have been considered the most prestigious awards to receive since they were first presented in 1929, and millions of people tune in to watch the ceremony worldwide. Last year, Will Smith dramatically stormed on stage, slapped host Chris Rock, and sent the world into shock after the latter made a joke about his wife’s bald head. 

The metaphysical multiverse drama Everything Everywhere All at Once, which starred Michelle Yeoh, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Ke Huy Quan took the honor of the best picture Oscar on Sunday. The evening was filled with evaluations and reversals. 

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Jamie Lee Curtis

How did ‌the public respond on social media when Jamie Lee Curtis won over Black Panther 2 star? 

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Fans React to Jamie Lee Curtis’ Win Against Angela Bassett

When Jamie Lee Curtis won the 95th Academy Awards instead of Angela Bassett, many fans were shocked because they had high expectations for Bassett to win. The Black Panther actor, who played Queen Ramonda in the popular franchise, was Marvel’s first nominee for the award. Curtis, on the other hand, received praise for her work in the film Everything Everywhere All At Once.

Bassett received her second nomination for an Academy Award, nearly three decades after being first recognized for her portrayal of Tina Turner in the film What’s Love Got to Do With It. Her performance as Queen Ramonda in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever earned her the nomination for Best Supporting Actress for the first time. But, Jamie Lee Curtis ultimately won the prize. 

 Jamie Lee Curtis
Jamie Lee Curtis

Fans expressed disappointment online after Bassett’s loss on March 12. 

The star of How Stella Got Her Groove Back was the fan favorite to win the category going into the 2023 Oscars. But Curtis and Stephanie Hsu, who both had strong performances in Everything Everywhere All at Once, were also strong contenders.

One user tweeted, “They actually snubbed Angela Bassett You could see the defeated, broken look on Bassett’s face.” Another said, “ANGELA BASSETT DESERVED BETTER.”

Look at some other tweets. 


In addition to Jamie Lee’s portrayal of an eccentric IRS agent who enjoyed lemon cookies, Angela Bassett gave her best for this role. 

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Angela Bassett’s ‘Shady’ Reaction to Oscars 2023 Loss

Angela Bassett didn’t seem overjoyed when Jamie Lee Curtis was named the winner; in fact, it appeared that she didn’t even get up to applaud, as seen on the live broadcast. Twitter users had mixed reactions to the Black Panther actor’s decision to sit through the cheers for Curtis, while others were disappointed with Basset’s loss.

She was the first cast member from a Marvel movie to receive an Oscar nomination. Bassett told Entertainment Tonight earlier last evening that she was “feeling pretty good” since receiving her first Oscar nomination in 1994 for What’s Love Got to Do With It.

Angela Bassett
Angela Bassett

Bassett was accompanied by her husband, Courtney B. Vance, and their 17-year-old twins, Bronwyn and Slater, who expressed their hope that their mother would win. Slater said,

“I just think it’s long overdue and I really want to see her be honored the way that I know she should be. And so, this will mean a lot to me, and I know it’ll mean even more to her, so, I’m waiting I’m waiting and I’m ready for it.”

The SAG Awards were held at Fairmont Century Plaza this year and were live-streamed on Netflix’s YouTube channel before being available on the streaming service in 2024.

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Source- Twitter; Entertainment Tonight

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