“They have extremely cute, ummm, ‘profiles'”: Margot Robbie Claimed Will Smith is Just as Well Endowed as Leonardo DiCaprio, Said One of Them Was ‘Huger than the other’

When it comes to having chemistry with a co-star, Margot Robbie has been one of the few lucky to have it with some big names in Hollywood. The Suicide Squad actor has been known to have good on-screen rapport with Hollywood A-listers like Will Smith and Leonardo Dicaprio.

In the past, the actress has discussed her first encounter with the Pursuit of Happiness actor. According to Robbie, it was surprising that their chemistry was that good. It is no doubt that rumors of the two dating each other started making the rounds on the internet due to the great on-screen chemistry between the two. However, it has been debunked by the actor since.

How Good is Margot Robbie and Will Smith’s Chemistry?

Margot Robbie and Will Smith
Margot Robbie and Will Smith

Margot Robbie and Will Smith have both discussed how they met each other and how well they clicked with each other. The two actors encountered each other for the first time while auditioning for the 2015 movie Focus. Smith recalled in an interview with Collider that he almost believed that Robbie was not going to get the role alongside him for the 2015 feature film. He shared referring to how the actress appeared during the audition saying, “She’s put in a lot of effort to not get this job.”

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However, soon after Robbie got the role alongside Smith, and their chemistry blossomed perfectly. The two have both expressed their surprise at this. In The National Student interview, Robbie shared, “It was something neither of us were really expecting,” She further added that the good chemistry between the two came naturally. The Terminal actor said,

“It’s not really something you can manufacture so it wasn’t forced or planned, it just existed already, which was handy.”

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio

Inevitably their genuine friendship and chemistry sparked a dating rumor among the netizens. On top of that, it even led to the About Time actor’s own family wondering about it. However, the actress has sharply denied that the two were anything more than friends. And according to Robbie a link-up between co-stars is inevitable. As she has also been linked once with Titanic star DiCaprio.

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Margot Robbie Talks about Working with Will Smith and Leonardo DiCaprio

Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie

It is not easy to develop good chemistry with a co-star. Margot Robbie is one of the few lucky ones to have instant chemistry with the big names in Hollywood. And clearly, she seems to have great on-screen chemistry with both Leonardo DiCaprio and Will Smith. Robbie has been frequently interviewed on what it is like working with the two. And some of the times she has also been asked to compare the two. According to Express, the Suicide Squad actress said, “I can’t answer that! I can’t win, either way,” She also mentioned the two actor’s similarities saying,

They actually have a few things in common. They have extremely cute, um, profiles”

Following that Will Smith jokingly added to her answer saying, “Well, one of those profiles was huger than the other,”.

And while talking about working with Smith and DiCaprio, Robbie also mentioned that the two actors were “courteous” with everyone on set.

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