“They just wanted to be on it”: Kendall Jenner Officially Murders Irony, Claims Her Friends Only Wanted Fame From Her Show While Forgetting That She’s Done Nothing To Achieve Her Stardom

On the latest episode of The Kardashians, Kendall Jenner opened up about her “mean girl” persona and how her friends used her for fame. The model also talked about her anxieties sharing that she is not a huge fan of big crowds. She started modeling at the age of 13 and went on to establish herself as one of the top models in the fashion industry. She earned the title of the highest-paid model in the world in 2017 and has maintained it ever since. However, she did not have to work from scratch as her family helped her out in getting her major breakthrough.

Kendall Jenner talked about her “mean girl” persona

Kendall Jenner
Supermodel Kendall Jenner

Model Kendall Jenner shut down the misconception that a lot of people have about her in the newest episode of The Kardashians. She revealed that she becomes anxious in big crowds, which sometimes makes people think she’s being mean. She said,

“I think the one that hurts the most is that people think I’m a mean girl. Cause that’s just not the case. It can be upsetting when someone is questioning your character. And if only people knew me.”

She called the narrative about her and her family “out of hand.” She further addressed the people who criticized her.

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The model addressed the hate against herself

Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner

The model’s major breakthrough came in 2014 when she walked on the ramp for the first time for The Society Management. She went viral in 2015 and went on to work with big brands like Chanel, Fendi, H&M, Balmain, and more. With the spotlight on her, the model was subjected to criticism. She said,

“Anything I do gets hate. I could be walking down the street doing absolutely nothing and somebody always has something bad to say,” and further added what her idea of perfect life is,“I wanna be on a farm in Wyoming with a ton of animals. That’s where I wanna be.”

Jenner was named the world’s highest-paid model by Forbes in 2017 and has maintained that title since then.

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Kendall Jenner says her friends use her for fame

Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner

The model also noted that her friends oftentimes tick her off as they only use her to gain clout. She said, “They just wanted to come over to be on it. So my walls went up then. I also just get uncomfortable, I never want to be like, ‘Hey, do you want to be on my show?’

With her family being one of the most influential families of this era, it is not surprising that Kendall Jenner’s friends want to be a part of their show. A lot of people on social media have criticized her statement saying that it’s quite ironic since she herself got her major breakthrough because of her family.

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Source: E! News

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