“They mistreat people in the most appalling way”: Meghan Markle Brutally Called Out By Lady Colin Campbell Amidst ‘Narcissistic Sociopath’ Accusations, Glad Meghan’s Finally Exposed

The Queen’s demise has brought the royal family’s feud back into the news. The conflict between Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle and Prince William and Kate Middleton has been a special highlight. It was speculatively what caused the royal family to split in the first place.

A couple of years after they departed from the Royal Family, the duo of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were about to come out with a book that would expose the palace affairs and how the family discriminated against Markle. But before the release of the book, Valentine Low released a ‘counter’ book that exposed Markle instead.

Lady Colin Campbell calls Meghan Markle a ‘bully’

Valentine Low has published a book
Valentine Low has released a book that has exposed Meghan Markle in her entirety

Valentine Low exposed how the Duchess of Sussex mistreated the staff of the Palace. And no one was happier because of it than Lady Volin Campbell. The 73-year-old said, “They are bullies. They treat people in the most appalling way. And they have been exposed in their entirety.”

In an interview with GB News, Lady C, as she is famously called, reminded the other personalities on the show that she was the one who wrote the first book against the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

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Lady Colin Campbell applauds Valentine Low

Lady Colin Campbell
Lady C applauds Valentine Low for saying it all

Yet, Lady Colin Campbell couldn’t help but show how happy she was with Low’s book. And she was all praise for the person responsible for this victory of the Royal Palace – Valentine Low, who published a book that exposed Meghan Markle.

She said, “Valentine Low has done a wonderful job. He has gone to the base of the iceberg. He has quoted chapter and verse.” The book l, which exposed how Meghan Markle ‘bullied’ the staff, also contains the official testimony of the palace’s staff members. And there is one natural conclusion – he had the palace’s backing.

Lady Campbell was also of the view that the palace was in favor of this exposé. She said, “And of course, let’s not forget this has been done with palace cooperation. So that Meghan and Harry will be firmly kept in their box. Because the fact of the matter is they have been making absolute havoc and there is no doubt Valentine Low could not have written what he did and quoted the people that he has quoted without the tacit agreement of the palace.”

That definitely is an interesting bit of news.

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All praise for Prince William

Lady Colin Campbell
Lady Colin Campbell backs Prince William

Lady Colin Campbell also had a lot of praise for Prince William, who had emerged as the custodian of the staff members. She said, “I think nice for Prince William because he was the one who was backing up his disadvantaged bullied staff from the word go. And he is the one that has stood up for them. And he is the one who allowed this to get out. And I think it’s wonderful.” 

This exposé will go a long way in hurting the already maligned reputation of Meghan Markle. But she has more important things to look forward to. Just like the exposé of the Royal Family being released by the couple.

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