“They sing it to her in the street”: Pique’s Girlfriend Clara Chia Marti Faces Public Humiliation Because of Shakira

Shakira’s recent “diss” song has become quite popular. The song about her former lover racked up about 63M views on YouTube and 14.4M streams on Spotify, all in one day. Some listened to the song and felt empowered and return to the song whenever they feel down while some listen to it for the pure drama it holds. Whichever team one may be on, one can’t deny that the song is pure bop. This song is an addition to the list of “most iconic break-up songs ever” for sure.

But fans are now breaking down the lyrics like any other diss song and trying to figure out who else did Shakira take a shot on other than Gerard Pique. And harassing the people involved in the situation.

Shakira and Bizarrap
Shakira and Bizarrap in their latest music video

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Did Shakira almost destroy Clara Chia Marti’s life?

Shakira‘s song not only has shots on Gerard Pique but also at his now alleged partner Clara Chia Marti and Pique’s mother. To make a hit breakup song one has to take a dig at the current partner of their ex, as per the holy grail of writing break songs. However, fans and listers of the song cannot take the lyrics the way they were meant to be and now are harassing Marti. Lyrics like,

“You traded a Rolex for a Casio–you traded a Ferrari for a Twingo”

Most definitely demeans Clara Chia Marti.

Also phrases by Shakira in her song like,

“She has a good person’s name, clearly it’s not what it sounds like”

Clara Chia Marti and Gerard Pique
Clara Chia Marti and Gerard Pique

This raises the question of what is really acceptable when indirectly dissing the ex’s new girlfriend.

Lorena Vazquez and Laura Fa, of El Periodico a morning daily newspaper based in Spain, explain what the 23-year-old has to face on a daily basis.

“They sing it to her in the street and everyone recognizes her”.

Marti deals with these “uncomfortable” situations “with stoicism”.

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Shots fired on Clara Chia Marti by Shakira in her new song

The song is in Spanish, here the translated version of the lyrics is used for a better understanding. Although in Spanish figuring out the explosive line is not at all that hard for non-Spanish speakers.

 “I was out of your league–That’s why you’re with someone just like you”

Clearly referencing and dissing both of the parties. Word plays like “CLARAmente” were also used if the lyrics weren’t obvious enough. Some might blame Shakira for hypocrisy. On one side she dedicates this song to empowering women all the while demeaning the same kind.


But Shakira claims to write songs about her life experiences and just wanted to get all the guilt and shame which followed after breaking up the 12-year-long relationship. Shakira needed this to move on and now decides her achievement to every woman who feels unimportant in a relationship.

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Source: El Periodico

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