“They told her about it right at the end”: T.J. Holmes Affair List Gets Longer as Good Morning America Host Previously Had Fiery Fling With Producer Natasha Singh Before Co-Host Amy Robach

The T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach affair has the fans gasping for breath. Everyone wants some of that tea and we just got a boiling pot. As per reports, Robach is not the first woman from GMA that Holmes has had an extra-marital affair with. Before getting involved with his co-host, the Good Morning America host had a three-year affair with the producer of the show, Natasha Singh who was also married. Their affair began in 2016, and Robach reportedly knew about it as well.

T.J. Holmes had another forbidden affair with GMA producer

T.J. Holmes had a three-year affair with former GMA producer, Natasha Singh
T.J. Holmes had a three-year affair with former GMA producer, Natasha Singh

When T.J. Holmes and Natasha Singh started seeing each other, it was a long-distance affair. While Holmes was living in New York, Singh was based in Los Angeles. Back then, Holmes was not a co-host but rather just a GMA correspondent, and the long-distance lovers would meet up while he was traveling.

In addition to working as a GMA producer, Singh was also a mediator and a yoga teacher. She shifted to New York in 2018 when she left the show and took up a new position as a producer for CBS Mornings. And with the long-distance angle out, the discrete couple got even closer. According to an insider, “She fell in love with him. He had a key to her apartment.”

Meanwhile, Robach was also aware of the situation according to a source that said, “Amy was the person they went to talk to about their affair and marriages.”

Although another insider gave a slightly varying report suggesting that “she didn’t know about the affair until it was in its final stages. They told her about it right at the end.”

Neither Holmes nor Singh has commented on the speculations so far.

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T.J. Holmes’ wife put an end to his previous affair

Amy Robach and Natasha Singh used to be friends
Amy Robach and Natasha Singh used to be friends

The Holmes-Singh affair came to an end in 2019 when the former’s wife, Marilee Fiebig found out about it. According to sources, she found email exchanges shared between the two.

Finding out about this affair was the reason that Fiebig never felt threatened by Amy Robach, because her eyes were diverted entirely on Singh. An insider claimed,

“Marilee never considered Amy because she was focused on Natasha. She never thought about [him cheating] with Amy because they were friends. Amy’s daughter was their daughter’s babysitter.”

As Fiebig found out about the affair, Holmes decided to end it and they worked on their relationship during the course of the pandemic.

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The Amy Robach affair revelation caught T.J. Holmes’ wife off-guard

T.J. Holmes with wife Marilee Fiebig and Amy Robach
Marilee Fiebig did not suspect the Amy Robach affair until it was too late

Although Holmes had reportedly cut all ties with Singh, Robach remained a friend of hers. According to a source, this icked Fiebig quite a lot as

“she would see photos of them on Instagram and she didn’t understand how their friend and her husband’s co-host could remain friends with the woman who tried to break up their marriage.”

With time, distance grew between Singh and Robach as well this year “around spring because [Amy] was so close to TJ,” an insider commented.

The missus was oblivious to her husband’s affair with Robach until August when she found out the latter’s birthday card for Holmes that had too intimate a message on it. An insider claimed that “it brought back the old Natasha drama. She couldn’t trust him anymore.”

This happened completely out of the blue as the couple was in the Bahamas celebrating Holmes’ birthday and then Robach’s card completely changed the course of the vacation.

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Source: Page Six
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