“They were like, ‘No, this isn’t happening for you'”: Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurant Kicked Taika Waititi’s Wife Rita Ora Out Due to Incredibly Inappropriate Dress Code

As a pop celebrity, Rita Ora is known for her personal fashion sense with ever-stunning looks on the red carpets. And even on normal days, she never fails to serve a look. However one of her choice of outfits resulted in her being turned away from a restaurant one time. In a 2017 interview, she revealed that she had been turned away from one of the restaurants owned by the celebrity British chef Gordon Ramsay. Ora shared it had to do with her “outfit” which did not align with the eatery’s dress code.

Although she did not reveal the specific name of the restaurant, however, she did ask Ramsay if she could visit once again. The chef noted that she could visit. Also according to the information provided, many of his eatery’s do not have any strict “dress code”. But it is not clear that Ora ever made a visit again.

Why Was Rita Ora Turned Away From Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurant?

Rita Ora
Rita Ora

Back in 2017, Rita Ora appeared in the roundtable interview with Jonathan Ross as a guest and had various discussions. One of the fellow guests had been famed chef and Restaurateur Gordon Ramsay. Sharing with everyone and addressing specifically to the chef. The I Will Never Let You Down singer shared that one time her outfit had resulted in her being turned away from one of Ramsay’s eateries.

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She described the whole situation saying that her casual outfit had been the reason behind the situation. According to People, Ora said that the restaurant people had been saying,  “No, this isn’t happening for you.” Her outfit was deemed inappropriate for the eatery’s dress code. Ora is known for her cool choices when it comes to her fashionable outfits, unfortunately, she had not been dressed for the part on this occasion. Further, she asked her fellow guest member and the owner of the eatery Ramsay whether she can visit once again. Ramsay responded,

“You know what? One day, can I just ask now, can I come to one of your restaurants?”

Rita Ora
Rita Ora

The British chef responded with “Yes, you can” according to People magazine. However, it is not sure if she ever visited any of Ramsay’s restaurants.

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What is the Dress Code in Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurants?

Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay

The celebrated and famous British chef has in total 17 restaurants internationally and 18 in his own country. His eateries are known for being high-end and the London one even has a very strict dress code. The restaurant requires the guests to wear smart outfits. And it does not allow any type of casual dressing which includes Jeans, Sneakers, etc.

However certain restaurants do not have such strict codes. One example is Gordon Ramsay’s U.S. Burger. Nevertheless, if someone is planning to visit any of his restaurants it is advised to plan ahead accordingly with the rules.

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Source:  Showbiz CheatSheet

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