“They were way too pretty, It’s hard to de-beautify Nicole Kidman”: Sandra Bullock Was Cast in Major Movie Because Demi Moore and Nicole Kidman Were Too Pretty for The Role

Sandra Bullock is one of the A-list actresses in the entertainment industry. She stepped into the acting world with a minor role in 1987’s Hangmen though this pushed her to do something more. Due to her breakthrough role in the action-thriller film, Speed, she landed the leading role of Lucy in the 1994 film, While You Were Sleeping.

Sandra Bullock
American actress, Sandra Bullock

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Though her acting career continued to bloom since then, making her America’s sweetheart, many would be unaware of the fact that she was not the first choice as the lead for the rom-com film. She was cast only because actresses like Demi Moore and Nicole Kidman were too pretty for the role.

Demi Moore Was Initially Considered to Play The Role of Lucy in While You Were Sleeping

Demi Moore
American actress, Demi Moore

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The 1997 film, While You Were Sleeping initially had a different script and the protagonist was a male. However, they decided to change the genders with the female character being the one who saves the man like in the film. This movie revolves around a woman named Lucy who saves a man’s life who then went into a coma. As the film goes by, she eventually falls in love with his brother, while his family gets convinced that she is the fiancee of the person lying in the coma.

This character was quite a tough deal in itself as the lead actress has to go through several developments as the story goes by. The film director, Jon Turteltaub had been talking with several actresses for the role. It was reported that Julia Roberts had passed on that opportunity meanwhile Demi Moore and Nicole Kidman were close to being signed.

However, the director told The Washington Post,

 “I had a meeting with Demi Moore, and we came very close to Nicole Kidman. But in the back of my mind, I was thinking that they were way too pretty. It’s hard to de-beautify Nicole Kidman.”

It was shared that their stardom was one of the factors that helped Sandra Bullock in getting the role.

Sandra Bullock Was Eventually Chosen for The Lead Role

Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock

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Arthur Sarkissian, an executive producer of the film, opened up about why Bullock was chosen for the role. He shared that the A-list actresses at the time were immensely popular. Their extreme stardom made them quite above for the role of Lucy.

“They were very big at the time, and I just couldn’t see any of those superstars being a person working in a toll booth. You just wouldn’t believe that.”

At the time, the actress was recognized after having a major breakthrough through Speed stating,

“I was an auditioning actor. This was the one thing that came along that I wanted so badly, not as a desperate actor, but just because the story was so sweet.”

Even the director at the time praised the Bird Box star for her acting,

“Sandy has that overwhelming charm that makes her so irresistible. As soon as she left the room, [producer] Joe Roth stood up and said, ‘That’s our girl.'”

Her film was a commercial success in the industry which grossed over $182 million at the box office. Even the actress was highly praised for her role. Her outstanding skills have made her one of the most renowned celebrities in the industry.

Source: The Washington Post

Priya Sharma
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