“They’re just going along doing their thing”: T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach Unfazed by Possible Firing as Adulterous Couple Believe They’ll Return to GMA

The ongoing discussions of terminating T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach have been ⁩up for a few weeks. Investigations for determining the fate of the GMA3 anchors are still going on. ABC network seems to be in a great dilemma about whether to fire them or get them back on the show. Amidst the entire adultery issue that was reported, and ABC trying to take steps against the anchors, T.J. Holmes decided to use the racism card. 

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes
Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes’ fate remains undecided

His plan seems to have worked quite well given the situation where ABC network took a step back in the case. Viewers have noticed a condescending attitude in the adulterous couple for they believe wholeheartedly that they won’t be fired. 

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ABC struggling with T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach’s case

The highly sensitive case of whether T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach will continue on GMA3 still remains uncertain. ABC network is trying to figure out a possible outcome for the anchors based on the investigation of their relationship. Sources revealed to PEOPLE that no matter how badly the “situation sucks” for the anchors, “A lot of higher-ups at the show think they should be fired”. 

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes
Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes’ case have left ABC network in dilemma

Although it has been a couple of months since the duo has been withdrawn from the show, their fate still remains undecided. Although the anchors have not been terminated yet, they still await ABC’s decision on their employment. Few sources consider “While it is unlikely they will return in the capacity they were in — the longer time goes on, it becomes less likely they will return”. 

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T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach seem undaunted by ABC’s possible decision of firing

Although ABC network has full control over T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach‘s employment, the duo seems unbothered by the delay. The anchors seem to believe that they are ought to return to the show irrespective of all speculations. 

The two TV personalities sparked the dating rumor back in November 2022, however, they never confirmed the allegations. Despite several close photographs of the anchors having surfaced, the duo seems undaunted by the claims. The speculations seemed compelling, especially after Holmes’ divorce and Robach’s separation from their individual spouses. 

T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach
T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach are unfazed by their possible firing

Sources have revealed amidst ABC network’s dilemma, the anchors have made their relationship stronger than ever. “They’re just going along and doing their thing” one of the sources mentioned about Holmes and Robach. Others have framed their opinions “There’s no grounds to fire them on and they believe they won’t be fired. The network is just waiting for things to cool down.”

Although ABC News president Kim Godwin, addressed the issue and promised to take steps without any negotiation, Holmes and Robach seem unfazed for they believe they shall return to GMA3

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Source: People 

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