Things In Dune We Bet You Didn’t Notice

Dune is surely one of the most widely read fiction novels of all time which is obviously not an overnight success. The heroes working at the back for this burned the midnight oil to make it a success. Full of salient illusions, Dune made it possible to the theaters with a twist in the plot. Every movie comes with that part wherein most scenes or aspects go unnoticed, or maybe sometimes they are only assumed because the existence is made for such a short part.

Dune- 2021!

For the same cause, we have mentioned a few things below, which we met you didn’t notice in The Dune:

1) Where Exactly Was Feyd-Rautha?

By now, most of the individuals and fans must have made it to watch the latest Dune of 2021. According to the surveys, we acknowledged plenty of fans wondering, what was the modern version of that mostly naked guy Sting played in the 1984 Dune? Well, Feyd-Rautha is regarded as an exceptionally great charismatic character in all of Frank Herbert’s Dune. You must have not realized by then, but he was the Harkonnen male heir the Bene Gesserit who always longed to wed Duke Leto and Lady Jessica’s daughter in order to heal the schism for the pure production for the Kwisatz Haderach.

2) Exceptionally Filled Bag Of Power Held By Paul

Bene Gesserit and Paul Atreides : Dune-2021

We saw a good amount of power that was held by Paul within Dune 1 which absolutely came as a spoiler in Dune 2. Reverend Mother is referring to Paul’s birthright as the son of a Bene Gesserit. The scene is totally intimated for more than once wherein we saw how essential Jessica meant to the Bene Gesserit sisterhood, but the reasons were kept quite in a safeguarded shadow.

3) Assumption Vs What Actually Happened Whilst The Release

Did you know? The script of the movie had a different protagonist. The backbone of the novel/movie which was yet to be published is sustained with the dessert planet idea which was originally placed at the center of the action. As soon as the story started to cover more plotlines with fun and unique layers, the complexity of the role of Kyne stood a backseat with the epic rise and fall to Paul as well as Kwisatz. The major and ideal part of Paul was simply to reach goals but his long-gone history remains, and the bloodline continued to be the part of the story which was then followed through his daughter Chani, the mother of Paul’s children.


To summarize the bizarre aspects and areas of The Dune is purely difficult as there were literally just too many areas that can go unnoticed by a reader or a viewer. It is also essential to notice that there were no computers in Dune, but were only human computers which twisted the story into another great and happening suspense. If you still haven’t watched the most hyped Dune of 2021, then you must go forward to do the same before the year ends. Get that knowledge of the expected and unexpected arrays today and have yourself done right with the weekend.

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