Things In James Gunn’s Suicide Squad That You Might Have Missed

James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad is easily one of the most entertaining comic book movies ever made. It is a kind of movie that requires several rewatches to acknowledge dozens of easter eggs, references, cameos, and secret details. Here we have compiled (almost) every DC Easter egg, reference, and secret moment in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad.

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for The Suicide Squad.

1) In the credits, the first person that is listed in “The Filmmakers Would Like to Thank” section is David Ayer, the director of Suicide Squad (2016).


2) Tyla finds out about her dad saving Corto Maltese while watching GBS (Galaxy Broadcasting System). In the comics, Galaxy Broadcasting Network is a station run by Morgan Edge.


3) At the end of the film, Bloodsport stops Ratcatcher 2 from getting crushed, and then Ratcatcher returns the favor (a nod to the promises they made to each other earlier in the movie).




4) John refers to Starro as a “kaiju,” which is a Japanese genre of films and TV that features giant monsters.

5) Bloodsport shooting Peacemaker with a smaller bullet is a nod to what Peacemaker said earlier in the movie.

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6) Just like the movie, Rick Flag dies at Jotunheim in Suicide Squad Issue #26 (written by John Ostrander). The only difference is that in the comics Rick dies in an explosion instead of being killed by Peacemaker.

7) Harley mentions her hatred for personalized license plates, which is a nod to the Joker’s license plate in 2016’s Suicide Squad which read “HAHAHA”.

8) Rick Flag calls Ratcatcher 2 “Ratatouille” while they are trying to rescue Harley Quinn, which is, of course, a reference to the famous Pixar movie Ratatouille.

9) Lloyd Kaufman, the co-founder of Troma Studios and the director of The Toxic Avenger, can be spotted in a scene. Lloyd gave James Gunn his start in film, so he’s had cameos in his movies.

10) The movie features cameos from several actors in Guardians of the Galaxy, one of James Gunn’s most notable franchises.

11) Amanda Waller mentions that she is going to play Golf with Senator Cray. In the comics, Senator Cray is a corrupt politician whose son eventually takes over the mantle of The Atom.

12) Polka Dot Man mentions how his mom worked at S.T.A.R. Labs and experimented on him. S.T.A.R. Labs is an important lab in DC comics as it is where Victor became Cyborg in Justice League, and it is the main setting in The Flash TV show.

13) Rick Flag can be seen wearing a yellow shirt which is a nod to Rick’s signature look in comics, which included a bright yellow shirt.

14) A lot of Harley’s tattoos have changed since 2016’s Suicide Squad. For example, she no longer has the “rotten” tattoo on her face and the tattoo on Harley’s back now says, “Property of No One,” whereas in 2016’s Suicide Squad it said, “Property of Joker.”

Also talking about her tattoos, the tattoo on her forearm is a nod to Harley’s iconic red, white, and black outfit from the comic books.

15) The Suicide Squad’s mission to infiltrate Jotunheim is a plotline taken directly from Suicide Squad Issue #1.

16) The Suicide Squad is sent to Corto Maltese, a place that is well-known in DC comics and was first mentioned in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns comic books.

17) Several big DC comics villains make appearances at Belle Reve, including Kaleidoscope, Calendar Man, and Double Down.

18) Dozens of rats were used to portray Sebastian, but one of the rats was named “Crisp Ratt,” a play on Chris Pratt’s name. Chris starred in Guardians of the Galaxy, which was directed by James Gunn.

19) In Ratcatcher 2’s cell, you can see that she has a photo of her with her father between drawings of rats on the walls.

20) The scene when King Shark is reading in his cell in Belle Reve is taken directly from the 2013 comic Suicide Squad Issue #12, where King Shark is reading The Essential Rumi.

21) Amanda Waller mentions that Bloodsport is in prison because he shot Superman with a Kryptonite bullet, a storyline which is pulled directly from DuBois’s DC comic debut.

In Superman Vol. 2 Issue #4, Lex Luthor enlists DuBois to help him take down Superman by shooting him.

22) When Bloodsport is cleaning the bathrooms at Belle Reve, he pulls out a clump of Savant’s hair from a shower drain.

23) When Amanda Waller’s team is looking through the Task Force X files, you can spot that Savant was also imprisoned in Iron Heights, an iconic DC comics prison, which is also featured in The Flash TV series.

24) In Suicide Squad (2016), Harley wore a jacket that said “Property of the Joker,” and in this movie her jacket reads, “Live Fast Die Clown,” which just portrays Harley’s character arc and her getting over the Joker.

25) The numbers on the armored trucks outside the prison are a nod to the original Suicide Squad comics Suicide Squad Issue #5 and Issue #12 (written by John Ostrander).

26) The doctor who inserts the bomb into Savant’s head is played by John Ostrander, the writer of the Suicide Squad comic books.

John Ostrander’s character’s name is Dr. Fitzgibbon, which is a name that James Gunn uses in all of his movies as a tribute to his lifelong friend, Larry Fitzgibbon.


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