Things You Didn’t Notice In Zack Snyder’s Justice League Cut

Justice League, directed by Zack Snyder, has finally arrived. As one might expect from a film of this length, there are several Easter eggs and hidden tidbits, and we’ve compiled a list of 21 of the most notable. For those who are unaware, the theatrical version of Justice League that was released in 2017 was vastly different from what Snyder planned. After a family tragedy, he stepped away from the project, and Joss Whedon was called in to oversee reshoots, which radically altered the picture. The version of Justice League that is currently available on HBO Max is the once-fabled Snyder Cut, which was made possible by a dedicated fan movement.

You might be wondering what you missed in the new Justice League, and we’ve scoured the film for Easter eggs, bringing you information on anything from the Knightmare timeline to secret superheroes like Ryan Choi. Anything should go without saying, but the following includes major spoilers for Zack Snyder’s Justice League, so don’t read it until you’ve seen the film!

1. The Joker Card


In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Batman wears a Joker card on his weapon in the Knightmare reality, a dystopian, worst-case-scenario future in which Darkseid has triumphed. It was never stated why in the original film, but in the Snyder Cut, we learn at the conclusion that it’s a symbol of a ceasefire between Batman and the Joker. The truce remains in effect as long as Batman retains the card.

The Joker has a new look in the film as well, while the Jesus iconography previewed in a photo does not appear in the Snyder Cut, nor does the already famed remark, “We live in a society.” The police badges affixed to Joker’s new clothing have a reason, according to Snyder, who told Vanity Fair: “He has a plethora of credentials. Those are his awards.”

The Joker also addresses Batman by his given name. Whatever has occurred in the Knightmare chronology, there has definitely been a paradigm shift in this famous hero vs villain interaction – one that would have been addressed in a sequel.

2. Knightmare Deaths

In the Knightmare timeline – that frightening future in which Darkseid has conquered Earth and Superman has surrendered to his mind-control via the Anti-Life Equation – a shocking number of DC heroes are revealed to be dead. The heroes want to prevent this from happening by sending Flashback in time to the precisely correct moment (thus the “am I too soon?” sequence in Batman v Superman).

Aquaman and Wonder Woman are both killed in this horrifying future, according to the Snyder Cut. While reviving Superman, Cyborg has a vision of Aquaman’s death at the hands of Darkseid, as well as Wonder Woman’s burial – but we don’t see how she died.

Surprisingly, another important DC character, Harley Quinn, represented by Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey, is reported to be dead in this universe. After the clown brings up the murder of Robin, whom he killed before the events of Batman v Superman, Batman mocks him with Harley’s dying words. In the film, Robin’s death is alluded to, with his burned and graffitied costume on display in the Batcave. It’s all intertwined!

3. Wonder Woman was named for the First Time

You definitely didn’t miss Ezra Miller’s Flash calling Gal Gadot’s Diana Wonder Woman – but did you realize this is the first time the hero has ever been referred to as Wonder Woman in the DCEU? It’s unclear how Flash knows her heroic identity.

4. Deathstroke’s Attempt to Setup a Batman Solo Movie

DC/Warner bros

The Deathstroke sequence in the Whedon cut was a post-credits stinger that showed the mercenary arriving at Lex Luthor’s boat. Luthor advocated for “our own league,” hinting at an Injustice League sequel. However, in the Snyder Cut, it’s all about Batman, which Joe Manganiello has verified is the original version of this sequence.

The now-canceled Ben Affleck Batman solo film would have pitted the Caped Crusader against Deathstroke, with Slade Wilson aiming to end Bruce Wayne’s life altogether. The film never materialized after Affleck left the role, however, Manganiello has hinted that he may return as Deathstroke after all.

5. Flashpoint

The Snyder Cut has a few references to Flashpoint, a comic narrative in which the Flash goes back in time to prevent his mother’s death – and unintentionally destroys the whole chronology. Given the multiverse element to the tale, the Flash solo film will most likely feature elements of this scenario.

Flash joins the speed force in the Snyder Cut, which allows him to time travel. This time, though, everything happens as planned.

Then there’s Wonder Woman’s reference to a previous conflict between the Amazons and the Atlanteans: in Flashpoint, the two peoples are at war again, and Wonder Woman ends up killing Mera.

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