This Avenger Just Became The New Herald of Galactus Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange has had some really rough few months in the Marvel universe. Finding himself indebted to the beings who loan magic to Doctor Strange’s reality, he even had contended with a doppelgänger who brought the whole world to ruins.

However, the most taxing challenge Doctor Strange has ever faced is unfolding the Mystical Realm, linking all the connections of past he never thought he’d ever see again. Unfortunately, as all of them intersect, sending Doctor Strange into a whole new drama where he’s looking for the last resort to save the planet. He realised that the only possible way to save Earth is by betraying his vow as an Avenger and becoming a Gerald of Galactus.

Doctor Strange is the New Herald Of Galuctus?

Galactus in Doctor Strange #14
Galactus in Doctor Strange #14

After recently meeting Zoloz, an alien mystic whose home was also targeted by Galactus. After the events of Infinity Wars, which involved Adam Warlock, Silver Surfer and Ultron for the Soul Stone, Galactus has changed his ways back to being a villain hungry for planets.

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Zoloz steals the powerful spells from the library of Doctor Strange and goes on the offensive before Galactus reaches his people. It’s an ill advised move but Zoloz banishes Galactus to the Mystical realm where he could feed on any sort of derelict magical worlds. Strange tells him that Galactus would then change the balance of reality as a creature of technology and science cannot exist in an arena governed by magic.

What just happened?

Doctor Strange #14
Doctor Strange #14

This being said, Strange isn’t left with a choice but to go through the veil between the realms to stop Galactus. But Doctor Strange didn’t have as much power as to take Galactus down and he’s left weary, leading him to ally with his ex-wife Clea and Umar, the sister of Dormammu. This makes it clear that these alliances were created for a greater good, ie. stopping Galactus from eating planets.

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However, Strange strikes a discussion with Galactus and just like Benedict Cumberbatch’s Strange bargained in 2016s Doctor Strange, Stephen Strange strikes a deal that he could be his Herald as at the moment, Galactus has no Herald. He gives him a menu to scour the realm for all abandoned worlds, ready to be eaten by Galactus.

For now, Strange has no idea of how to stop Galactus. He needs to do it quickly as if he doesn’t, Earth will be Galactus’ next snack.

Issue 14 of Doctor Strange comes out on 22nd May.

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