Chesca Hause, mom of two boys makes comics inspired by her life as a Mom of 2 boys, but as animals, because she finds it more fun to draw them. She has written more than three instalments on the website and this one is her fourth. She is currently working on getting a comic book together so she is somewhat making some changes in her previous comics, but still, there are plenty of new ones to read while she compiles her comic book.


#1 Red-Shirting (Remastered)


#2 Connoisseur


#3 In The Mood (Remastered)


#4 The Discovery


#5 The Lies


#6 C-Word


#7 Shoes


#8 Stop And Smell The Roses (Remastered)


#9 Teaching The Young lings (Remastered)


#10 Trick Or Treat!!

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