Last year’s Thor: Ragnarok was the film that led us directly to the events of Infinity War as the film began exactly from where Ragnarok left us. Taika Waititi’s Ragnarok is seen as the best Thor film in the franchise which was appreciated by both fans and critics. The movie room down everything that didn’t work out for the franchise until then and set on its own direction. It also solved a massive plot hole of Odin’s Infinity Gauntlet like it was nothing!

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MCU fans were barging in with several theories to explain how there were two Infinity Gauntlets in the MCU but what Marvel did leave us all surprised. In Ragnarok, Hela visits Odin’s vault and pushed the Gauntlet away, calling it “fake.” And not just this, the film also saw the deaths of The Warriors 3 and Odin while Jane Foster left Thor. Basically, everything that was boring in the Thor franchise was extracted from this film with little or no explanation at all but it worked well for both, us and Marvel.

While Odin’s Gauntlet was termed to be fake by Hela, a new Reddit theory by JMStrum reveals that it might not have been entirely fake.

“I know in Thor: Ragnarok Hela calls the gauntlet in Odin’s Vault a fake but I think there is a reason for this. It is not because the Gauntlet ITSELF is fake, only the gems that adorn it are fake (mimicking the Infinity Stones) My Theory is that Odin had Eitri make him a gauntlet, So he could gather the stones back when he was in his conqueror days with Hela.
Back then Odin would have seen the power of the Stones as a weapon to use in his conquests. He had it made for his right hand so he could still wield Gungnir in his left. Odin after all was a Warrior. When he decided to stop his conquest, he locked it away in the vault. The gems were added just as decoration to fill the holes that were meant for the Infinity Stones. When Hela calls it fake, it is because it is JUST a gauntlet not the Infinity Gauntlet with any power.
Plus the very sight of it angers her, as she knew of the plan before Odin abandoned it. She either didn’t think she needed it’s power or didn’t think she needed its ability to harness the power. The story of the Gauntlet spread over time, and that is why Thanos knew to go to Eitri in the first place, though Thanos had it made for his left hand so, without a weapon he could hit with the right.”

However, this is nothing more than a fan theory but it does raise some interesting points. It’s clear that Odin’s Gauntlet was fake and was shown in the first film to serve as an Easter egg to spread awareness for the remaining films.

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