“This dude has been disrespecting the GOATs way too long”: Salt Bae, Internet’s Favorite Meme, Obliterated By Jake Paul for Crude Behavior During FIFA 2022 World Cup Final

Jake Paul, a professional boxer and YouTuber has recently blasted Salt Bae, a restaurateur due to the latter’s recent activity in the Qatar World Cup 2022 finals. The Turkish chef was spotted stealing the spotlight of the winning team, Argentina, and continued to disrespect the winners for his social media content.

Jake Paul
Professional Boxer, Jake Paul

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The Turkish chef has been making headlines for his involvement at the FIFA World Cup final in Qatar. He tried to steal the spotlight of GOAT footballer, Lionel Messi. Not just that, but his spotlight hunger didn’t end with this!

Salt Bae Tried Stealing Spotlight After Argentina Won The FIFA World Cup 2022

Salt Bae
Turkish chef, Salt Bae holding FIFA World Cup 2022 trophy

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The 39-year-old chef personality, Salt Bae is popularly known for his technique for preparing and seasoning meat, which also became an Internet meme back in 2017. To continue garnering the spotlight, he chose to ruin the best moments of Argentina footballers who won this year’s FIFA World Cup held in Qatar.

He was spotted kissing the trophy and lifting it in the air, which is something the winner usually does. He did so even though he had done nothing to deserve the honor. After the match between Argentina and France ended, he was seen invading the pitch and trying to pester Lionel Messi by grabbing hold of his shoulder at least twice as the GOAT player was trying to shrug him off.

He went on to pose with other players for his social media content and was even pictured biting the medal bestowed to Argentina’s Franco Armani. In another clip, he was spotted giving a scolding gesture to Cristian Romero’s baby when the little one tried to touch the 18-carat gold trophy.

His actions were severely criticized by the public including Youtuber, Jake Paul who declared that he dislikes Bae more than KSI, a British Youtuber.

Jake Paul Calls Out Salt Bae for His Indecent Behavior Towards The GOATs

Jake Paul
Jake Paul shares a tweet to call out the celebrity chef for disrespecting the players

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The 25-year-old Youtuber, Jake Paul in a recent tweet called out the celebrity star for his recent actions Bae showed at the FIFA World Cup 2022. He shared pictures of the chef accompanied by Lionel Messi and Mohamed Salah( the picture was taken after the player got injured and lost the 2018 Champions League final) stating his message through the platform.

He wrote,

“This dude has been disrespecting GOATs way too long, I may have found someone who annoys me more than KSI.”

Check out the tweet here.

For the unaware, he is on bad terms with British YouTuber KSI, whose feud stemmed since early 2018. To think that he would hate the chef more than his old foe, the Internet’s Favorite Meme should better prepare for the consequence which is about to come. Not just the boxer but many fans have shared their anger for him on social media platforms for his actions.

Even, the FIFA authorities addressed the situation and announced to take “appropriate internal measures” for the celebrity chef breaching the World Cup protocol and entered in the pitch at Lusail Stadium.

Source: Twitter

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