‘This Episode is Gonna Be Fire!’: Why Boruto Episode 254 Has Naruto Fans All Riled Up


Boruto series is a spinoff and sequel to Kishimoto’s Naruto, which is now taking a serious turn even when the Kara organization and Code are not yet involved. The intense cliffhanger, which was created due to the main protagonist Boruto in episode 253 is now resolved in the latest episode giving fans a satisfying end to this divisive arc.

Boruto offers his life in episode 253

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Episode 253 dealt with Boruto’s attempt to end the long and tragic conflict between the Funato clan and Kirigakure (Village Hidden by Mist). When our protagonist got to know that his dear friend Ikada had taken over as Funato’s leader following Seiren’s death, he decided to help him by realizing that his thirst for vengeance will bear greater consequences. The latter had decided that he would destroy Kirigakure just like how Funato Clan suffered, but our leaf ninjas knew that this revenge spiral is a never-ending cycle that someone needs to break. So, after Team 7 refused to kill Chojuro to end the war, Naruto’s son decided to offer his life as a substitute. That episode ended the question if Ikada would agree to it and stop the war? Here’s what happened in the latest episode!

What Boruto Did Was Unexpected!

Sarada And Mitsuki devastated because of Boruto
Sarada And Mitsuki devastated due to Boruto’s act

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The latest episode begins right where it left off, with Boruto offering Ikada his head as a substitute. Though the latter refuses not because of the friendship he has for Boruto but because his life is least important as the Mizukage’s because he is filled with vengeance. Later, he decides to kill but sets a condition that he will only stop the war if Sarada and Mitsuki do nothing about it. Team 7 would never agree to it but Boruto manages to convince them and is set on giving his life for the cause. Meanwhile, Kawaki heads to Araumi’s position to kill him and end the war.

After beating Boruto for a while, Ikada asks Kobuna(Funamushi’s son) to push Boruto into the sea, making him drown in the waters. When the little kid went to push Boruto, he asks him to let go of his anger after he is dead, which makes Kobuna unable to push him. Boruto jumps into the sea himself telling Kobuna that he does not have to kill anyone. This action was itself a surprise not even for the viewers but also for the characters that were directly involved with the scene as no one had expected that.

Friendship Returned!

Boruto’s latest episode 254

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This action makes Team 7 members devastated meanwhile Ikada tries everything to get Sarada to attack him knowing how much losing a loved one hurts and wants to prove that nothing can stop the cycle of vengeance. But Sasuke’s daughter refuses to do so and throws her kunai to the floor to honor their teammate’s resolution letting her not be consumed by revenge. When Kobuna asks Ikada if he did the right thing, he comes out of his shocked state(as he gets confused by Sarada and Mitsuki’s behavior for not choosing revenge) and jumps after Boruto.

Ikada saves Boruto by rising from the sea on top of Ikada’s water dragon becoming friends again. The war gets over as everyone understands that this will never end but one of them still wants to destroy Kirigakure. When Araumi tries to fire the Chakra cannon even when his son decides against it, Kawaki enters the room and finishes him in a single move after telling him that he lost.

The last scene ends with Boruto and Ikada talking like old friends while the intense surrounding is now getting lighter as Chojuro had confessed that he ignored Kagura’s feelings because he was filled with anger while Buntan gave up on her quest for revenge.

Fans’ Reaction To The Latest Episode

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Fans are really happy with the episode and they’ve shared their reaction on social media. Check out the tweets below.

Though this episode was action deprived but deeply connected to Naruto as the latter was famous because of his Talk no Jutsu, and his son was seen following in his footsteps. This episode shared the major character development of our heroes.

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