This Evil Morty Theory Will Make You Re-Watch the Premiere A Million Times Over

We’ve done our waiting — two years of it — in rerun purgatory. And finally, on Nov. 10, Adult Swim released the highly anticipated Rick and Morty Season 4 premiere. The new episode had fans reminiscing previous adventures with Easter Eggs splashed within a span of 23 minutes. And of course, the fourth season debut had everyone second-guessing their own sanity with fan theories about the upcoming episodes, including what happened to Evil Morty, who was last seen in season 3.

Who is the Evil Morty?

Evil Morty was first introduced in the tenth episode of Rick and Morty Season 1, titled “Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind.” By the start of the episode, multiple Ricks have been murdered with their Mortys kidnapped. Our Rick — Rick C-137 — is then framed for the crimes by the Trans-Dimensional Council of Ricks.

Of course, Rick and Morty track down the real villain. And it’s seemingly another Rick who is using the extra Mortys to create a barrier in an attempt to hide his location. However, the real culprit is actually Evil Morty, who is controlling his Rick.

Following the episode, Evil Morty disappears from Rick and Morty until the season 3 episode, titled “Tales From the Citadel.” In the episode, Evil Morty runs for a president of the Citadel of Ricks. And although he wasn’t taken seriously at first, he eventually earned the respect of enough Ricks and Mortys, and wins the election.

Rick and Morty season 4

That said, it’s clear Evil Morty will destroy everyone who opposes him. Prior to winning the election, Evil Morty fired his campaign manager — another Morty — who doubted his abilities. The campaign manager Morty then uncovered Evil Morty’s real identity. And when he tried to report Evil Morty, he was executed.

Meanwhile, following the election, the Council of Ricks laughed at Evil Morty and told him they still had the power. He then proceeded to murder those who thought so.

‘Rick and Morty’ fans theorize Evil Morty is creating Fascist governments in season 4

Rick and Morty season 4 has some great surprise for the audience

Unfortunately, Evil Morty didn’t make an appearance in the Rick and Morty Season 4 premiere. But fans think it’s possible viewers have already seen traces of Evil Morty’s power, scattered through different universes.

In the premiere, titled “Edge of Tomorty,” Rick C-137 died because of Morty — the power of death crystals, man. Nevertheless, Rick was revived in a backup clone in another universe. However, Rick continuously died and respawned on repeat. But the universes were almost always fascist regimes.

Following the premiere, one fan on Reddit offered a simple explanation that could explain why Rick returned to life in so many fascist universes. And no, they don’t just think it’s a coincidence.

“I keep coming back to the line ‘What are the chances this is the default?’ The answer is 0%. Rick knows the answer when he asks the question,” the Redditor wrote. “My theory is simply that Evil Morty is installing fascist morty governments in charge of every known reality at an alarming rate, and Rick C-137 just got his first taste of what this battle will entail.”

What other fans thought of the Evil Morty theory for season 4?

Reactions to the Evil Morty theory

Although many fans agreed with the Rick and Morty fan, others refuted the theory about Evil Morty. And they seemed to believe the fascist governments were just a joke.

“[The Adult Swim podcast] mentioned how they wanted to make fun of the trope when jumping realities that you might end up in one where the nazis won,” a fan wrote.

“They thought it was hilarious if Rick only woke up in nazi realities, and the only normal one was filled with scary wasp people that were nice.”

Meanwhile, some Rick and Morty fans had other thoughts about the fascist universes and how the message reflects our own.

“I took it as more of a reference to fascist- leaning governments gaining power across the world irl,” one fan wrote.

Even if the fan’s Evil Morty theory doesn’t hold up as Rick and Morty continues, it’s still possible the Big Bad returns sometime in the fourth season. Prior to the premiere on Nov. 10, the Rick and Morty social media accounts posted a cryptic photo featuring Evil Morty within a pile of Mortys. So keep an eye out. This one’s going to be interesting.

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