Imagine a Man of Steel video with an anime theme song in the background! Crazy, isn’t it? And that’s exactly a new fan-made video has done!

Man of Steel is seen as a dark and serious film that many feel as the beginning of bad films for DCEU. However, YouTuber Negajubito proved that the whole thing can be made better by just adding some music in Japanese.

The video shows Superman flying through the air and fighting with Zodd and was strikingly mixed with the opening first theme used in Dragon Ball Z Kai. The video also includes some typical shots for an anime opener. This included a long shot of Superman walking across the horizon and another scene where he wears a massive grin while swirling through the air.

The video got posted three weeks back and this was the YouTuber’s third similar video; earlier he did a mashup of Thanos’ battle on Titan blended with Naruto music, along with a Thanos standalone trailer in the style of Logan. One of these videos has also reached almost 900,000 views on YouTube now.

This idea of using popular cinematic scenes and mix it with anime music seems to be widespread as we even saw a viral John Wick video last month which reimagined John Wick as an anime series. Well, whatever it is and wherever we are heading, it seems like anime is there one step ahead of us.

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